A Dream Play

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A Dream Play
Directed by Jake Pollock
Written by August Strindberg
Sponsored by WAVE
Venue Outdoors


  • Phoebe Books - The Poet
  • Kelley Schneider - Agnes
  • Patrick Budde - Glazier, Bill-Poster, Friend, Schoolmaster, Dean of Medicine
  • Breanne Ward- Indra, Policeman, Quarantine Master, A Boy, Dean of Law
  • Sammy Zeisel - The Officer
  • Maddie Weinstein - Indra's Daughter, Stage-Door Keeper, Coquette, Pensioner
  • Daphne Kim - Mother, Ballet Dancer, She
  • Danielle Littman - Lina, Blind Man
  • Dylan Pickus - Father, Advocate, Old Dandy, Dean of Theology
  • Dana O'Brien - Prompter, First Coal-Carrier, Dean of Philosophy, Don Juan
  • Rachel Birnbaum - Singer, Kristin, Second Coal-Carrier, Chancellor

Production Team

  • Scenic Design: Rachel Birnbaum and Dana O'Brien
  • Costume Design: Chelsea Taylor
  • Lighting Design: Breanne Ward
  • Sound Design: Patrick Budde