The Tempest

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A Tempest
Directed by David Corlew
Produced by Justin Connolly
Written by William Shakespeare
Sponsored by Lovers & Madmen
Show Dates Apr. 26-28
Venue The Louis Room


Twelve years ago, the Duke of Milan’s brother usurped his power and stranded him with his daughter in the middle of the ocean. Barely surviving, the pair landed on an Island full of unknown creatures and spirits, where they have lived ever since in isolation, waiting. Finally, a ship with all of their old enemies is sailing near the Island today, and the Duke has a six-hour window to enact twelve years’ worth of hatred and revenge. A night of shifting shadows, aerial silks, and never quite knowing who’s just behind you, L&M’s The Tempest will be a race to the finish.

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The Islanders

  • Prospero/Prospera- Lindsey Carlson
  • Miranda- Maddie Weinstein
  • Caliban- Khari Shelton
  • Ariel- Jacobi Alvarez, Cassie Bowers, Elizabeth Dauterman
  • Spritis- Amelia Bell, Savannah Couch, Darcy Coussens, Juli Del Prete, Emily Fishkin, Erin Holiday, Pam Kranyak

The Invaders

  • Alonso- Ford Altenbern
  • Ferdinand- Zach Freier-Harrison
  • Gonzalo- Ben Kemper
  • Sebastian- Sam Douglas
  • Antonio- Maggie Fish
  • Trinculo- Nick Lehmann
  • Stephano- Andrew Hitzhusen

Production Team

  • Producer: Justin Connolly
  • Assistant Producer: Emily Baldwin
  • Director: David Corlew
  • Assistant Director: Phoebe Gonzalez
  • Assistant Director: Michael Rogerson
  • Stage Manager: Melanie Gertzman
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Merav Ellis
  • Lighting Design: David Griffin
  • Assistant Lighting Design: Matthew Filak
  • Master Electrician: Elli Williamson
  • Set Design: Jack Eidson
  • Assistant Set Design: Brandon Nadig
  • Assistant Set Design: Dylan Reyno
  • Scenic Artist: Emma Pardini
  • Assistant Scenic Artist: Alex Goodman
  • Tech Director: Alex Shaffer
  • Costume/Makeup Design: Rachel Birnbaum
  • Assistant Costume Design: Veronica Johnson
  • Props Design: Kyle Largent
  • Assistant Props Design: Alex Wolfe
  • Sound Design: Grover Hollway
  • Assistant Sound Design: Aissa Guerra
  • Photographer and Videographer: Nate Bartlett
  • Graphic Designer: Collin Rice
  • Fundraising Director: Melanie Vitaterna
  • Publicity Director: Sam Mueller
  • Publicity Team: Madeline Ambrose

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