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Amadeus Prof Edited.jpeg
Directed by Maddy Low
Produced by Joshua Issler
Written by Peter Shaffer
Sponsored by Sit and Spin
Show Dates May 22nd - 24th, 2014
Venue Garrett Seminary


Sumptuous, epic, fleet, and urgent, Amadeus is about the mysterious nature of genius and the very human need to be remembered. Peter Shaffer’s imagined rivalry between perhaps the world’s most gifted and well-known composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and his far-less celebrated contemporary Antonio Salieri, invites us to question what gives our life’s work meaning, the measures we take to keep believing in our art when it no longer seems to believe in us, and the importance of artists to how people perceive and understand the world. The show will be staged site-specifically, drawing on the play’s inherent theatricality as we watch Salieri orchestrate his personal revenge manifesto with a strings-visible production.


Antonio Salieri: Sean Foer
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Brett Warner
Constanze Weber, wife to Mozart: Laura Smith
Joseph II, Emperor of Austria: Greer Dubois
Count Johann Kilian Von Strack, Royal Chamberlain: Grover Hollway
Count Franz, Orsini-Rosenberg, Director of the Imperial Opera: Lorenzo Gonzales
Baron Gottfried Van Swieten, Prefect of the Imperial Library: Max Spitz
Two "Venticelli" - purveyors of information, gossip and rumor: Chris Porter and Ben Weiss
Kapellmeister Bonno - Alex Kohanski
Teresa Salieri, wife of Salieri- Bex Ehrmann
Katherina Cavalieri, Salieri's pupil: Veronique Filloux

Production Team

  • Producer: Josh Issler
    • Assistant Producer: Hannah Greene
  • Director: Maddy Low
    • Assistant Director: Summer Benowitz
  • Stage Manager: Caitlin Medina
  • Dramaturg: Mari Uchida
  • Music Supervisor: Nick Platoff
  • Movement Coach: Amelia Bell
  • Lighting Designer: Ned McGregor
  • Sound Designer: Michael Rogerson
  • Space Designer: Elli Williamson
  • Costume Designer: Sarah Wachtel
    • Costume Team: Lucy Kalar
  • Hair and Makeup Designer: Dominique French
    • "'Hair and Makeup Team:"' Mimi Reninga, Amanda Odasz
  • Props Designer: Savannah Couch
  • Graphics Designer: Emily Fishkin
  • Publicity Director: Zach Barr
    • Publicity Team: Lizzie Wigley, Yining Zhang
  • Fundraising Director: Jamie Yarmoff
    • Fundraising Team: Grace Hamilton-Vargo