Amber Waves

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Amber Waves
Directed by Dylan Pickus
Produced by Claire Kennedy
Written by James Still
Sponsored by Purple Crayon Players
Show Dates November 17-19, 2011
Venue Shanley Pavilion


Amber Waves tells the story of the Olsons, a family of farmers in Kansas in the 1990s. As a drought and a debt crisis grow more serious, each family member deals with it in their own way. The family also has to contend with Homecoming, acorns on the lawn and constant stream of family photos. This moving and honest portrayal of rural life asks us the important question: When times get rough, what would you do for your family?


  • Deb Olson: Brooke Weisman
  • Scott Olson: Brannon Bowers
  • Mike Olson: Jon Schneidman
  • Penny Olson: Chelsea Taylor
  • Julie: Eliza Palasz
  • One-Eye Johnny: Xander Tapling

Production Team

  • Producer: Claire Kennedy
  • Director: Dylan Pickus
  • Stage Manager: Lindsay Amer
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Daphna Weinstock
  • Dramaturg: Charlotte Ostrow
    • Assistant Dramaturg: Erin Donohoe
  • Set Design: Josh Gordon
    • Assistant Set Design: Sean Buckley
  • Scenic Painter: Meghan McCarter
  • Technical Director: Alex Goodman
  • Lighting Design: Brad Zipser
    • Assistant Lighting Design: Laura Smith
  • Master Electrician: Francesca Mennella
  • Props Design: Gracie Schwartzenberger
  • Sound Design: Sammy Zeisel
  • Sound Design Mentors: Phoebe Brooks, Jake Pollock
  • Costume Design: Maddy Low
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Laura Day
  • Violence Consultant: Alex Tey
  • Publicity Director: Sarah Weber
    • Publicity Assistant: Melanie Vitaterna
  • Graphic Designer: Juli Del Prete
  • Fundraising Director: Sara Cunningham
    • Fundraising Assistant: Maddie Kriger

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