American Shark

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American Shark
Written by Matthew Hays
Sponsored by Vertigo
Show Dates September 22-24th, 2011
Venue Shanley


American Shark is an undersea epic following the exploits of the titular hero through his transformation from an angry shark bent on eradicating terrorism by whatever means necessary to a patriotic paradigm most concerned with fighting for America and the values of equality for which she stands. The format of the play is modeled on the classical epics of The Odyssey and The Aeneid. This is a comedy.


  • American Shark - Matthew Hays
  • The Tunabomber- Sam Fishell
  • Angel Fish-Tracey Cook
  • Slutty Dolphin- Kendra Vaculin
  • Jesus/Master Betta- Alex Jacobs
  • Osama Fin Coden- Casey Wortmann
  • Rainbow Fish- Will Sonheim
  • Mike the Pregnant Male Seahorse- Brendan Scannell

Production Team

  • Writer: Matthew Hays
  • Producer: Lindsay Chambers
  • Director: Michael Janak
  • Assistant Writer: Sam Fishell
  • Stage Manager: Amina Munir
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Ali Parr
  • Props Designer/Assistant Set Designer: Amy Reed
  • Lighting Designer: Josh Gordon
  • Technical Director: Matt Moynihan
  • Costume Designer: Kendra Vaculin
  • Costume Designer: Tracey Cook
  • Make-Up Designer: Gaby DelHoyo
  • Graphic Designer: Nick Gertonson
  • Publicity Director: Gavi Keyles