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Winter Generals for StuCo, TI, and Performance Studies shows performing in the Winter will be held from September 30th through October 10th, with Callbacks following soon after. Don't forget to sign up for a slot on the TI callboards!

StuCo shows auditioning during Winter generals include:

Other Non-StuCo events potentially auditioning in the same set of generals include:

  • Spinning Intro Butter - TIC Mainstage, Dir. Derrick Sanders
  • Peribañez - TIC Mainstage, Dir. Henry Godinez
  • The State(s) of America - TIC Mainstage, Dir. Regina Taylor
  • Where the Grass Isn't Greener - Spectrum, Shanley Mainstage
  • Three Sisters - Struble Project, Dir. George Bajalia
  • Tales of A West Texas Marsupial Girl - Struble Project, Dir. Robyn Char
  • The Liberation of Carmela Lopez - Struble Project, Dir. Alyssa Ramos
  • Bonjour, La, Bonjour - Struble Project, Dir. Aaron Ricciardi
  • Fat Camp - Performance Hour, Dir. Andrew Brown
  • The Goat - 2nd Year MFA Project, Dir. Emily Campbell

Callback Lists:


TIC Mainstage and Lab Shows

Audition Forms:

Cast Lists

Cast Lists for Winter 2011 Plays

Note: The StuCo community refers to these auditions as "Winter Auditions," as they cast shows performing during Winter Quarter. The TIC staff and faculty often use the term Winter Auditions to refer to the Winter session which casts shows going up in the Spring, which the StuCo community calls Spring Generals.