Bob: A Life in Five Acts

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Show Information

  • Dates: May 9-12
  • Site: ?!?!?!?


It is said that Bob was born on Valentine's Day in the bathroom of a White Castle in Louisville, Kentucky. From the moment Bob is discovered by Jeanine, White Castle employee and adoptive mother extraordinaire, he is destined for greatness. A chorus tells the story of Bob, a tale of mythic proportions stretching across the American landscape. Bob follows its title character from birth to old age in a quest to find his calling. Some say he will have his first kiss at a rest stop. Some say he will almost be eaten by wolves. All agree that he will find true love, get employed, and discover his roots. Bob asks what it means to be a legend, and why we choose to keep our legends alive.

Production Team

  • Director: Abby Schwarz
    • Assistant Directors: Bridget McNamara, Alex Benjamin
  • Producer: Lena Krause
    • Assistant Producer: Claire Huntington
  • Stage Manager: Jackie Elder
  • Space Design: Alex Young
    • Space Team: Naomi Rosen, Rebecca Dumain, Cat Qiao
  • Lighting Design: Jack Eidson
  • Costume Design: Scott Shimizu
    • Assistant Costumes: Zach Lyons
    • Knitress: Breanne Ward
  • Hair & Makeup Design: Cat Qiao
  • Props Design: Daphna Weinstock & Cassie Bowers
  • Sound Design: Sammy Zeisel
  • Choreography: Casey Hartley
    • Assistant Choreography: Jacobi Alvarez
  • Dramaturg: Layne Drinkwater
  • Graphics Design: Max Cove
  • Fundraising Director: Dylan Pickus
    • Assistant Fundraising: Ari Shapiro
  • Publicity Director: Alex Benjamin
    • Assistant Publicity: Hillary Aarons
  • Videographers: Will Sonheim & Sam Fishell


  • Chorus 1, Jeanine: Lindsay Chambers
  • Chorus 2, Bonnie: Hannah Wolff
  • Chorus 3, Helen: Casey Wortmann
  • Chorus 4, Amelia: Dana O'Brien
  • Chorus 5, Connor: Justin Leider
  • Chorus 6, Barista: Logan Daum
  • Chorus 7, Gunther: A.J. Roy
  • Chorus 8, Tony: Scott Egleston

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