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Directed by Sammy Zeisel
Produced by Nick Day
Written by Lisa Loomer
Sponsored by Purple Crayon Players
Show Dates March 8-10, 2012
Venue Shanley Pavilion


Bocón!, a fable filled with humor and mysticism and song, tells the story of twelve-year-old Miguel who flees a repressive military regime in Central America for Los Angeles. A natural storyteller and irrepressible big mouth (or "bocón"), Miguel loses his voice when his parents are taken and begins a metaphorical journey north to the City of Angels. Miguel's story is relevant to immigrant children from all parts of the world...and to any child who is learning the many meanings of finding one's own "voice."


(In speaking order)

  • Miguel: Jordan Johnson
  • Luis/Viejita/Dog: Adam King
  • La Llorona/Rosita Juanita Andersen
  • Ana/Viejita/Dog: Meg Lowey
  • Voice Picker/Cecilia: Abby Williamson

Production Team

  • Producer: Nick Day
    • Assistant Producers: Elena Besser and Frankie Allegra
  • Director: Sammy Zeisel
    • Assistant Director: Elsa Gay
  • Stage Manager: Abby Pajakowski
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Jenna Van Duyne
  • Dramaturg: Juanita Andersen
    • Assistant Dramaturg: Greer DuBois
  • Set Design: Matt Moynihan
    • Assistant Set Designer: Elli Williamson
  • Technical Directors: Pernell Myers and Wyatt Fair
  • Lighting Design: Josh Anderson
  • Sound Design: Patrick Budde
    • Assistant Sound Designers: Lindsay Chambers and Maddie Weinstein
  • Costume Design: Daphne Kim
    • Assistant Costume Designers: Charlotte Rosenberg, Hannah Fisher, Ryan Bernsten, Jon Schneidman, Gavi Keyles, and Zoe Maltby
  • Choreographer:
    • Assistant Choreographer: Ella Pennington
  • Fight Choreography: Ned Baker and Alex Tey
  • Mask Design: Rachel Birnbaum
  • Props Design: Phoebe Brooks
    • Assistant Props Designer: Dylan Pickus
  • Master Electrician: Alex Moe
  • Publicity Director: Lindsay Amer
    • Assistant Publicity Director: Eliza Palasz
  • Graphic Designer: Juli Del Prete
  • Fundraising Director: Sara Cunningham
  • Social Chairs: Natalie Houchins and Hilary Flynn