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Directed by Aaron Weissman
Produced by Kelly Archer
Written by Aaron Weissman (adapted from the comic books by Jeff Smith)
Sponsored by Sit & Spin Productions
Show Dates February 2-4, 2006
Venue Shanley Pavilion

Bone was Sit & Spin's Winter Mainstage production during its 2005-2006 season. It featured a mixture of live-action and puppetry, with the three main characters represented by small dolls that were manipulated and voiced by actors dressed in all black. The show was an adaptation of the popular comic book series by Jeff Smith. Director Aaron Weissman wrote the script as a condensed version of the multi-volume series. The show was produced by Kelly Archer.


  • Fone Bone: Gabe Notarangelo
  • Phoney Bone: Tyler Beattie
  • Smiley Bone: Kevin Reich
  • Thorn: Molly Beucher
  • Gran'ma Ben: Sarah Grace Welbourn
  • The Hooded One: Emily Mark
  • Edgar: Dan Kramer
  • Juarez: James Kowalsky
  • Lucius: Andrew Karas
  • The Great Red Dragon: Chris Hejl
  • The Lord of the Locusts (uncredited): Alex Hartzler
  • Ensemble: Rachel Durston, Rie Ma, Maddy Merritt, Erin Sprague

Production Team

  • Director: Aaron Weissman
  • Producer: Kelly Archer
  • Stage Manager: Alex Hartzler
  • Assistant Boner of Everything: Zora Senat
  • Set Designer: Jeremy Wimmer
  • Lighting Designer: Alec Thorne
  • Costume Designer: Brittney Lower
  • Sound Designer: Arturo Menchaca
  • Publicity Designer: Anna Beno
  • Puppet Designers: Dan Kohler, Katie Foster
  • Props Designer: Aimee O'Malley
  • Technical Director: Mike Graef