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Champions red.jpg
Directed by Jeremy Wimmer
Produced by Nate Asher
Written by John Dixon
Sponsored by Sit & Spin Productions
Show Dates May 2005
Venue Patten Gym

Champions was Sit & Spin's Spring Mainstage production for the 2004-05 season. The play, an original work by NU student John Dixon, was a "basketball farce" that depicted the dysfunction of a fictional professional basketball team, and was presented on an actual basketball court in Patten Gymnasium. The play became the first of two Sit & Spin productions in a row that caused an actor to break a bone, when actor Molly Beucher broke her finger. She continued to perform despite her injury.

Champions was the biggest financial success of Sit & Spin's 2004-2005 season.


  • Coach Rudy Kukold: Matt Sheelen
  • Prudence Kukold: Nayla Wren
  • Derek "the Arrow" Gant: Keven Brown
  • Dwayne Mantis: Andrew Bentley
  • Marcus Tripp: Jason Arican
  • Anthony Leeks: Nick Kanellis
  • Bradley Longshot: Philip Markle
  • Matt Weir ('07)
  • Mary: Molly Beucher
  • Madeline: Lexi Barta
  • Janitor James: Josh Sherman
  • Tutankhamen Richards: Dan Kramer

Production Team

  • Director: Jeremy Wimmer
  • Producer: Nate Asher
  • Stage Manager: Aimee O'Malley
  • Set Designer: Jack Sachs
  • Lighting Designer: John Cohn
  • Costume Designer: Kristy Hall
  • Publicity Designer: Erika Schmidt