Cloud 9 (2014)

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Cloud 9
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Directed by Daphne Kim
Produced by Bex Siegel
Written by Caryl Churchill
Sponsored by Sit & Spin Productions
Show Dates February 6-8, 2014
Venue Shanley Pavillion

Cloud 9 takes place in repressive British Colonial Africa and groovy 1979 London, inviting us into the lives of people coping with loneliness through taboo expressions of sexuality. Capturing the zeitgeist of two complex eras, Cloud 9 is a hilarious, gender-bending, sexy, dark, grotesque, heartbreaking exploration of sexual politics, oppression, and our struggle to connect with each other and with who we are inside.


Clive/Cathy: A.J. Roy
Betty/Edward: b Sullivan-Knoff
Joshua/Gerry: Wilson Shirley
Harry/Martin: Ari Shapiro
Edward/Betty: Sarah Cartwright
Maud/Victoria: Elizabeth Dauterman
Ellen/Mrs. Saunders/Lin: Zoe Maltby

Clive, a colonial administrator
Betty, his wife, played by a man
Joshua, his black servant, played by a white
Edward, his son, played by a woman
Victoria, his daughter, a dummy
Maud, his mother-in-law
Ellen, Edward's governess
Harry Bagley, an explorer
Mrs. Saunders, a widow (played by the actress who plays Ellen)

Betty, now played by a woman (played by the actress who plays Edward)
Edward, her son, now played by a man (played by the actor who plays Betty)
Victoria, her daughter (played by the actress who plays Maud)
Martin, Victoria's husband (played by the actor who plays Harry)
Lin, a lesbian single mother (played by the actress who plays Ellen/Mrs. Saunders)
Cathy, Lin's daughter, age 5, played by a man (played by the actor who plays Clive)
Gerry, Edward's lover (played by the actor who plays Joshua)

Production Team

  • Producer: Bex Siegel
    • Assistant Producer: Maddie Napel
  • Director: Daphne Kim
    • Assistant Director: Samantha Spoll
  • Stage Manager: Claire Huntington
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Linnea Hodge
  • Dramaturg: Dylan Pickus
    • Dramaturg Buddy: Phoebe González
  • Outreach Coordinator: Anna Baryshnikov
  • Composer: Alex Benjamin
  • Dialect Coach: Natalie C. Houchins
  • Lighting Designer: Brandon Powers
  • Master Electrician: Lacey Weeks
  • Sound Designer: Hannah Fisher, Sammy Zeisel
  • Set Designer: Melissa McSweeney, Max Spitz
  • Set Dressing: Sophie Neff
  • Technical Director:
  • Costume Designer: Jared Sprowls
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Megan Riley
  • Hair and Makeup Designer: Collin Rice
  • Props Team: Tristan Chiruvolu, Grace Hamilton-Vargo
  • Graphics Designer: Colln Rice
  • Publicity Director: Rick Fromm
    • Publicity Team: Dhawani Jain
  • Fundraising Director: Claire Huntington
    • Fundraising Team: Elliott Hartman
  • Social Chairs: Chelsey Burger, Charlotte Rosenberg, Natalie C. Houchins
  • Bartender: Ari Shapiro