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Directed by Scott Wolf
Produced by Maddy Low and Caley Beretta
Written by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth
Sponsored by Jewish Theatre Ensemble
Show Dates February 7-9, 2013
Venue Louis Room


Honest, witty, and insightful, Company is the story of Bobby--an imperfect hero, a man who is afraid to make commitments and take risks. We open as Bobby blows out the candles at his 35th birthday party, taking the opportunity to reflect on his life through the lens of his relationships with his friends and girlfriends. The show explores the process of a man's very active decision to finally allow someone to, as he sings, "sit in his chair," to make choices and assume agency, to accept that— without failure— we cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, live. Winner of 7 Tony ® Awards, Company features a haunting and vibrant score by Stephen Sondheim and hilarious and incisive book by George Furth.


Robert: Chris Herr

Joanne: Kate Villa

Larry: Alex Benjamin

Jenny: Evelyn Jacoby

David: Pernell Myers

Susan: Zoe Nadal

Peter: Adam King

Amy: Alex Getlin

Paul: Ryan Duncan

Sarah: Mallory Moser

Harry: John MacGaffey

April: Taylor Bostwick

Kathy: Jessie Klueter

Marta: Jessica Kahkoska

  • This cast list was announced October 14, 2012.

Production Team

  • Producers: Maddy Low and Caley Beretta

Rehearsal Team

  • Director: Scott Wolf
    • Assistant Director: Alex Gold
  • Music Director: Michael Kaish
  • Choreographer: Zoe Nadal
  • Stage Manager: Caroline Henry
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Alyssa Cook

Artistic Team

  • Scenic Designer: Ady Dunk
  • Technical Director: Matthew Filak
  • Master Carpenter: Samantha Egle
  • Scenic Artist: Meghan McCarter
  • Lighting Designer: Jack Eidson
  • Assistant Lighting Designer: Gavi Keyles
  • Master Electrician:
  • Costume Designer: Melanie Vitaterna
  • Props Designer: Russel Kahn
  • Sound Designer: Grover Hollway
    • Assistant Sound Designer: Gus Schlanbusch
    • Sound Board Op: Michael Fleisher
  • Hair and Make-Up Designer: Grace Wright
  • Graphic Designer: Juli Del Prete
  • Fight Choreographer: Alex Tey
  • Production Assistant: Mahek Tulsiani

Business Team

  • Publicity Director: Amelia Bell
    • Publicity Team: Erin Carney, Clayton Shuttleworth & Aaron Simon Gross
  • Fundraising Directors: Maddie Kriger & Jacob Trauberman
  • Fundraising & Special Projects Team: Alex Wolfe & Jamie Yarmoff

Pit Orchestra

  • Conductor/Piano: Michael Kaish
  • Violin: Marylynne Anderson-Cooper
  • Cello: Greer DuBois
  • Clarinet: Elena Murphy
  • Flute: Hilary Tidman
  • Trumpet: Gabe Slesinger