Current Nobody

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Current Nobody
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Directed by Abby Schwarz
Produced by Lena Krause
Written by Melissa James Gibson
Sponsored by Sit & Spin Productions
Show Dates  ??
Venue Shanley Pavilion


Pen, an acclaimed combat photographer, ventures off to cover the war in Troy, leaving behind husband Od and daughter Tel. Counting the days—which quickly turn in to months and then years—Od struggles to raise his daughter and to resist the advances of the crew of Indie-Docu-Filmmakers that is taking over their home. Current Nobody is a riff on Homer’s Odyssey about the personal cost of epic ambition and the battles that remain after an epic war.

Production Team

  • Producer: Lena Krause
  • Director: Abby Schwarz
  • Stage Manager:
    • Assistant Stage Manager:
  • Scenic Designer: Alex Young
  • Technical Director:
  • Lighting Designer:
  • Master Electrician:
  • Costume Designer: Meghan McCarter
  • Makeup Designer:
  • Props Designer:
  • Sound Designer:
  • Fundraising Director: Dylan Pickus
  • Publicity Director:
  • Graphic Designer: Max Cove

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