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Directed by Phoebe Brooks
Produced by Shannon Desmond
Written by William Shakespeare
Sponsored by Lovers & Madmen
Show Dates February 2-4th, 2012
Venue Shanley Pavilion

The Story

Imogen, princess of Britain, was supposed to marry her doltish step-brother Cloten, but instead she chose to marry Posthumous, an excellent fellow of unfortunately low birth. Cymbeline, her father, is furious when he finds out. He grounds Imogen and banishes Posthumous to Italy.

This play is their story. It begins with the problems of a long distance relationship, moves on to the question of unfaithfulness, deals with the horrors of angry ex's and settles itself down in the field of forgiveness.

Cymbeline is a Shakespearian picaresque fairy tale with every plot device imaginable strung together in an incredibly fun and surprising way. Cross-dressing, sleeping draught believed to be poison, sleeping people believe to be dead, nobles hiding out in the forest, mistaken identity, deus ex machina, you name it!


  • Cymbeline: Zoe Goslin
  • Queen: Casey Wortmann
  • Cloten: Dan Selinger
  • Imogen: Alana Grossman
  • Posthumous: Daniel Chenard
  • Pisanio: Justin Leider
  • Iachimo: Spencer Neiman
  • Caius Lucius/Philario: Greer DuBois
  • Belarius: David Corlew
  • Guiderius: Ross Lemmon
  • Arviragus: Judd Korman
  • Cornelia/First Gentleman/Messenger: Ashley Nguyen
  • Helen/Mother Leonatus/British Captain: Maddy Low
  • Second Gentleman/British Captain/Brother Leonatus: Sean Foer
  • First Lord/Roman Captain/Gaoler: Alex Tey
  • Second Lord/Silcilius Leonatus: Alec Bronder

Production Team

  • Producer: Shannon Desmond
    • Assistant Producer: Andrew Hitzhusen
  • Director: Phoebe Brooks
  • Stage Manager: Jack Eidson
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Sarah Cartwright
  • Costume Designer: Rachel Birnbaum
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Rebecca Haines
  • Lighting Designer: Joe Entenman
  • Master Electrician: Aaron Lorenz
  • Set Designer: Megan Wines
  • Technical Director: Alex Schaffer
  • Scenic Artist: Jeff Sachs
    • Assistant Scenic Artist: Josh Anderson
  • Props Designer: Melanie Vitaterna
  • Sound Designer: Kaitlyn Nibbelin
  • Makeup Consultant: Shawn Morganlander
  • Violence Designer: Samantha Egle
    • Assistant Violence Designer: Jessica Prescott-Smith
    • Fight Captain: Alex Tey
  • Fundraising Director: Sarah Weber
  • Publicity Director: Tiffany Kim
    • Publicity Team: Meg Lowey
  • Special Events: Haley Carlborg
  • Graphic Designer: Logan Daum
  • Videographer:Dan Selinger