Death and the Maiden

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Death and the Maiden
Directed by Annabeth Bondor-Stone
Produced by Mary Hungerford
Written by Ariel Dorfman
Sponsored by WAVE Productions
Show Dates November 13-15
Venue McCormick Auditorium
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The time is the present and the place, a country that has given itself a democratic government just after a long period of dictatorship.


Double Feature Flyer

Paulina Salas is a former political prisoner living in an isolated beach house with her husband, Gerardo. The repressive regime of the past two decades has fallen and the transition to democracy has just begun. When Gerardo returns from a business trip he brings home Dr. Miranda, who he met by chance. Convinced that Miranda is the same doctor who tortured her while she was imprisoned under the dictatorship, Paulina takes him captive and puts him on trial in their living room for his crimes. In this political thriller the only thing more elusive than the truth is forgiveness. Everyone must confront the demons of their past and the uncertainty of their future under a new regime.

Character Descriptions

  • PAULINA SALAS, around forty years old
  • GERARDO ESCOBAR, her husband, a lawyer, around forty-five
  • ROBERTO MIRANDA, a doctor, around fifty

Content Warning

This show contains highly adult themes and crude language.

Getting Involved

Interested in getting involved with WAVE's production of Death and the Maiden? Email Mary, the producer, at for more information. Also, be sure to check out the show's very own Blog for pictures, articles, music, and so much more!


  • Paulina Salas: Erika Rankin
  • Gerardo Escobar: Joel Sinensky
  • Roberto Miranda: James Butler

Production Team

  • Producer: Mary Hungerford
    • Assistant Producer: Sam Altman
  • Director: Annabeth Bondor-Stone
    • Assistant Director: Sarah Einspanier
  • Stage Manager: Maria Benson
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Kimi Greer
  • Fight Choreographer: Dan Wilson
  • Set Designer: Aaron Menninga
    • Technical Director: Matt Dealy
  • Lighting Designer: Dan Lazar
    • Master Electrician: Aaron Quick
  • Costume Designers: Grayson Vreeland & Logan Elstead
  • Props Designer: Elise Hausken
    • Assistant Props Design: John Aldous
  • Sound Designer: Alec Thorne
  • Publicity: Alex Ryser
  • Fundraising: Brandon Harrington
  • Graphic Design: Jacob Watson
  • Production Assistants:
    • Tina Frank
    • Darien Hanington
    • Jake Pollock


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