Elegies: A Song Cycle

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Elegies: A Song Cycle
[[Image:alt text|200px|]]
Directed by Leah Harris
Produced by Anna Ciamporcero
Written by William Finn
Sponsored by Jewish Theatre Ensemble
Show Dates May 21-22
Venue Jones Great Room

Told through two dozen uninterrupted songs, Elegies is composer William Finn's reflection on the loved ones he has lost throughout his life. From next door neighbors to his mother to his partner's ex-lover to Joe Papp, Finn vividly, touchingly, and sometimes humorously paints the picture of these characters that have had such an impact on his development. Culminating in a series of songs about September 11th, Elegies ultimately reminds us that "the living was the prize, the ending's not the story."

Production Team

  • Producer: Anna Ciamporcero
  • Director: Leah Harris
  • Music Director: Liz Doran
  • Assistant Director: Bob Kalas
  • Publicity & Graphic Design: John Allman
  • Sound Design: Jesse Choe
  • Lighting Design: Tori Bryan
  • Technical Director: JJ Marquis
  • Stage Manager: Abby Lembersky


  • Julian Hicks
  • Kelly Hoppenjans
  • Johnny Langan
  • Jeff Meyer
  • Naomi Rosen

If you are interested in getting involved in any way, please email Anna at anna.c@u.northwestern.edu!