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Equus promo.jpg
Directed by Allison Finn
Produced by Jesse Rothschild
Written by Peter Shaffer
Sponsored by Jewish Theatre Ensemble
Show Dates October 28-30, 2010
Venue Shanley Pavilion


THE FACTS - Alan Strang, a 17-year-old boy, blinded six horses with a hoof pick. - The courts send him to Martin Dysart, a child psychiatrist, to see if the boy can be “cured.” - That’s where we come in.

WHAT HAPPENS As Dysart struggles to treat Alan, he discovers the boy’s tangled world of religion, sexuality, and sacrifice – all focused around Equus, the horse-god, a figure that has replaced the Christianity of Alan’s childhood. We explore the tension in Alan’s relationship with his parents, the events that take him to the stable, and the demons that lead him to commit this atrocious crime. This forces Dysart – and us – to question our own relationship to worship, duty to society, and personal freedom.

Warning: Contains Adult Content


  • Martin Dysart: Alex Goldklang
  • Alan Strang: Jake Pollock
  • Jill Mason: Lillian Cummings
  • Frank Strang: Patrick Budde
  • Dora Strang: Jessica Kingsdale
  • Hesther Salomon: Walls Trimble
  • Harry Dalton: Christopher Herr
  • Horseman/Nugget: Scott Shimizu
  • Nurse: Natalie Houchins

Production Team

  • Producer: Jesse Rothschild
    • Assistant Producer: Michelle Rodgers
  • Director: Allison Finn
    • Assistant Director: Ilana Peña
  • Stage Manager: Andi Sturtevant
    • Assistant Stage Manager: JD Fernandez
  • Scenic Designer: Sarah Freeman
  • Technical Director: JJ Marquis
  • Costume Designer: Kelley Schneider
    • Costume Team: Madeline Weinstein
  • Horse Designer: Kelsey Melvin
  • Lighting Designer: Aaron Quick
    • Associate Lighting Designer: Bridgette Hammond
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Katherine Villa
  • Master Electrician: Gabrielle Knight
    • Assistant Master Electrician: Joshua Gordon
  • Focus Head: Jeff Glass
  • Sound Designer: Ray Rehberg
    • Assistant Sound Designer: Justin Leider
  • Graphic Designer: Max Cove
  • Dramaturg: Chloe Picot-Jacobs
  • Fight Director: Ned Baker
  • Fundraising Director: Patrick Sulken
    • Fundraising Team: Marlee Rich
  • Publicity Directors: Jordan Johnson & Tracy Smith
    • Publicity Team: Anne Berkowitz, Emily Luckow
  • Props Designer: James Clemer
    • Assistant Props Designer: Lindsay Amer
  • Production Assistant: Hilary Flynn
  • Scenic Painter: Lena Peck

Get Involved!

Contact the producer at equusjte2010@gmail.com if you want to be on the team!