Exit the King

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Exit the King
Directed by Samantha Beach
Produced by Matt Moynihan
Written by Eugene Ionesco
Sponsored by Jewish Theatre Ensemble
Show Dates October 27-29, 2011
Venue Shanley Pavilion


King Berenger has seen better days: his armies suffer defeat, the young emigrate, the seasons change overnight, and his kingdom’s borders shrink to the outline of his throne. His court is reduced to a shabby retinue: there's the domestic help Juliette, the Guard and the Doctor, and his two rival queens, Marie and Margeurite. The signs are unmistakeable: the King is dying. His kingdom is collapsing. And he’s not going to go gracefully.


  • Berenger the First: Will Sonheim
  • Queen Marguerite: Emily Olcott
  • Queen Marie: Lindsay Chambers
  • The Doctor: Will Wilhelm
  • Juliette: Nicole Silverberg
  • The Guard: Ari Shapiro

Production Team

  • Producer: Matt Moynihan
  • Director: Samantha Beach
    • Assistant Director: Becca Maier
  • Stage Manager: Steph Ernst
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Catherine McGee
    • Assistant Stage Manager. Lily Cohen
  • Costume Designer: Kendra Vaculin
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Katherine Seldin
  • Graphic Designer: Juli Del Prete
  • Technical Director: Ford Altenbern
  • Production Assistant: Aissa Guerra
  • Lighting Designer: Brad Zipser
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Francesca Mannella
  • Properties Designer: Gavi Keyles
    • Assistant Prop Designer: Izzy Garcia
  • Publicity Director: Ashley Thompson
  • Tech Week Enforcer: Pernell Van Dyke Myers
  • FUNraising Director: Lindsay Chambers
  • Set Designer: Ross Lemmon
  • Snack Designer: Annie MUNCH
    • Assistant Snack Designer: Diana Raiselis
    • Assistant Snack Designer: Erin Cutler
    • Assistant Snack Designer: Abigail Kaitlin Pajakowski
  • Sound Designer: Grover Hollway
  • Sargent at Arms: Sarah Sherman