Finding The Sun

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Finding the Sun
Directed by Danny Osburn
Produced by Shannon Oliver-O'Neil
Written by Edward Albee
Sponsored by WAVE
Show Dates September 24-26, 2010
Venue Below the bridge to the lakefill


  • Abigail: Breanne Ward
  • Benjamin: Patrick Budde
  • Cordelia: Danielle Littman
  • Daniel: Jake Pollock
  • Edmee: Chelsea Taylor
  • Fergus: Evan Troost
  • Gertrude: Emily Anderson
  • Henden: Jesse Thurston

Production Team

  • Producer: Shannon Oliver-O'Neil
  • Director: Danny Osburn
  • Costume Designer: Rachel Birnbaum
  • Publicity Director: Jake Pollock
  • That one guy: Alex Tey