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Directed by Craig Thompson
Produced by Will Crouse
Written by Chris Wade
Sponsored by Vertigo Productions
Show Dates February 26-28, 2009
Venue Shanley Pavilion


When their train robbery goes horribly wrong, brothers Daniel and Ben Oak and their wounded accomplice Wes McIntire find themselves stranded in a bar in the dusty western town of Gulch. In way over their heads, the brothers hold the denizens of the bar hostage to secure temporary safety from the Sheriff's posse surrounding their saloon hideout. These two hostages are, the cynical and manipulative barkeep Louis Bagwell, and the benevolent saloon girl Ava White; who both seem to know more about the ill-fated thieves than they at first let on. Despite being held hostage, Bagwell watches the unfolding chaos with utter calm, appearing to have some kind of insidious control over all of the proceedings, while Ava attempts to elicit hope and dignity from the despairing brothers. The three men wait with bated breath for either the law, or Cid, their volatile accomplice, to show up.


  • Daniel Oak: Tom Casserly
  • Ben Oak: Adam Tanguay
  • Wesley McIntire: Michael Medford
  • El Cid: Tucker May
  • Lou Bagwell: Aaron Eisenberg
  • Ava White: Blake McKay
Tom Casserly in Gulch

Production Team

  • Producer: Will Crouse
  • Writer: Chris Wade
  • Director: Craig Thompson
  • Set Designer: Colton Dillion