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Stubs and Pages Requiring Expansion

If you start a new page but don't have time to enter more than a couple lines of information into it, you can flag it as a "stub" by entering this code at the top of the page: {{stub}}. This will place a notice at the top of the page that the page needs more content.

If you come across an article that you think needs to be expanded, you can flag it with the "Expand" template like this: {{expand|article}}. If only a single section requires expansion, you can add this flag just below the section header: {{expand|section}}.

Once you have expanded the page content, you may remove these notices.

Pages Needing Clean-Up

If you come across a page that is poorly formatted, organized, written, or just needs grammar or spelling fixes, you can mark it as needing clean-up. To do so, simply add this tag at the top of the page: {{cleanup}}. If the page needs to be rewritten, you can mark it with the {{cleanup-rewrite}} tag. For more information on how to use this tag, check out the documentation at Template:Cleanup-rewrite.

If you clean up a page with one of the above tags, don't forget to remove the tag when you have finished making changes!