How I Learned to Drive (2008)

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How I Learned to Drive
HILTD poster.jpg
Directed by Joel Sinensky
Produced by Danielle Gaines
Written by Paula Vogel
Sponsored by Sit & Spin Productions
Show Dates Sept. 20-22, 2008
Venue Shanley Pavilion

How I Learned to Drive follows the strained, sexual relationship between Li'l Bit and her aunt's husband, Uncle Peck, from her adolescence through her teenage years into college and beyond. Using the metaphor of driving and the issues of pedophilia, incest, and misogyny, the play explores the ideas of control and manipulation.


  • Peck: Mitch Lerner
  • Lil' Bit: Janelle Kroll
  • Female Greek Chorus: Sarah Grace Welbourn
  • Male Greek Chorus: Jared Kyle Lewis
  • Teenage Greek Chorus: Betsy Hogg

Production Team

  • Stage Manager: Jenn Walsh
  • Assistant Producer: Sarah Grace Welbourn
  • Set Designer: Kyle Warren
  • Technical Director: Rie Ma
  • Lighting Designer: Andrew Tolbert
  • Master Electricians: Aaron Weissman and Juliette Rapala
  • Sound Designer: Jake Cohen
  • Costume Design: Zora Senat and Andrew Karas
  • Props Designer: Tyler Beattie and Alex Weisman
  • Publicity: Govind Kumar
  • Asst. Publicity: Philip Markle
  • Graphic Designer: Nicholas Jackson
  • Fundraising: Stephan Georgiou
  • Choreography: Katie Spelman
  • Music Arrangement: Ryan Grossheim