ILC Stock Gel String Colors

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Below is a table of the colors included in ILC's stock gel string (the one that comes pre-loaded in their rental scrollers). The percent column is the channel value you should enter on the lighting console to achieve each of the colors.

 % Gel # Color
00 L130 Clear
07 L193 Rosy Amber
14 L104 Deep Amber
21 L135 Deep Golden Amber
28 L106 Primary Red
34 L113 Magenta
42 L128 Bright Pink
48 L126 Mauve
55 L136 Pale Lavender
61 L(HT)058 Lavender
68 L161 Slate Blue
75 L(HT)132 Medium Blue
80 L(HT)119 Dark Blue
88 L(HT)181 Congo Blue
94 L(HT)116 Medium Blue-Green
FL L(HT)139 Primary Green