Into the Woods

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Into the Woods
Directed by John Aldous
Artistic Producer Anna Ciamporcero
Business Producer Sean Brennan
Written by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine
Sponsored by Arts Alliance
Show Dates May 19-21, 2011
Venue Louis Room


Imprisoned in a political camp, a group of refugees put on a production of Into the Woods. As war rages around them, the refugees find comfort and strength in the symbolic weight embedded in the beloved tales of Cinderella, Jack the Giant Killer, Little Red Ridinghood, and all the rest. However, as the war draws closer, and the character’s journeys through the woods remind them of their own confined lives, the musical leads them to question the power of wishing and the necessity of action in taking control of one’s world.


  • The Narrator: Tracy Smith
  • The Witch: Kelley Abell
  • The Baker: Max Cove
  • The Baker's Wife: Mary Kelly
  • Cinderella: Evelyn Jacoby
  • Little Red: Amelia Hefferon
  • Jack: Jeff Meyer
  • Jack's Mother: Emily Olcott
  • Cinderella's Prince: Matthew Fletcher
  • Rapunzel's Prince: Ryan Duncan
  • Rapunzel: Gaby FeBland
  • The Mysterious Man: Will Kazda
  • Stepmother: Desiree Staples
  • Cindy's Father: Ian Martin
  • Florinda: Kasey Huizinga
  • Lucinda: Anne Berkowitz
  • Cindy's Mother: Ilana Goldstein
  • The Steward: Jake Perlman

Production Team

  • Artistic Producer: Anna Ciamporcero
    • Assistant Artistic Producer: Paige Anderson
  • Business Producer: Sean Brennan
    • Assistant Business Producer: Brooke Weisman
  • Director: John Aldous
    • Assistant Director: Patrick Budde
  • Music Director: Katie Walsh
    • Assistant Music Directors: Ellen Morris, Kevin Scott
  • Stage Manager: Rachel Stubblefield-Tave
    • Assistant Stage Managers: Shannon Desmond, Meg Feibusch
  • Choreographer: Aly Quigley
  • Fight Choreographer: Alex Tey
  • Costume Designer: Rachel Birnbaum
    • Costume Assistants: Nicola Rinow, Stephanie Ernst
    • Cutter/Draper: Sarah Wachtel
  • Set Designer: Jeff Sachs
    • Assistant Set Designer: Meghan McCarter
  • Scenic Artist: Tina Frank
  • Technical Director: Evan Derrow
    • Special Assistant to the Technical Director: Jeremy Yablon, FVP
    • Master Carpenter: Samantha Egle
  • Lighting Designer: Aaron Quick
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Mallorie Barber, John David Fernandez
  • Sound Designer: Mitch Johnston
  • Sound Mentor: Daniel Carlyon
  • Master Electrician: Stephanie Kahn
  • Props Designer: Michelle Rodgers
  • Hair/Makeup Designer: Caitlin Oates
    • Hair/Makeup Assistant: Monique Gaynor
  • Fundraising Director: Jesse Rothschild
  • Publicity Director: Naomi Brodkin
    • Publicity Assistants: Bridget Illing, Malia Hu
  • Graphic Designer: Nick Gertonson
    • Special Events Graphic Design: Ryan Hynes
  • Special Events Directors: Tiffany Kim, John Allman
  • Outreach Director: Leah Harris

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