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JB Poster.jpg
Directed by Trina McGee
Produced by Kaitlyn Nibbelin
Written by Archibald MacLeish
Sponsored by Sit & Spin Productions
Show Dates November 4-6, 2010
Venue Shanley Pavilion

The scene throughout is a corner inside an enormous circus tent where a side show of some kind has been set up. A public place late at night, the audience is gone; there is no one about but maybe a stagehand somewhere cleaning up, fooling with the lights. Zuss and Nickles, two long out of work actors making a living as vendors at the circus, enter the empty space and decide to play the play--the story of Job--taking on the roles of God and Satan. As they begin to play their Job appears: J.B. is a wealthy, happy, and pious New England banker with his beautiful wife and five children. And so the play begins--only J.B. isn't acting. As he loses everything, JB struggles with his faith in God, his need for justice and understanding, and his dissatisfaction with modern explanations of guilt and suffering. Meanwhile Zuss and Nickles struggle with the roles they must play and their own ignorance and lack of control. JB asks us to examine some of our deepest questions: Why do good people suffer? And after a tragedy, when it seems there is nothing left, what do we do?


  • Zuss: Tucker May
  • Nickles: Addison Heimann
  • J.B: Justin Barbin
  • Sarah: Kacy Smith
  • David, Bildad: Jon Schneidman
  • Mary, Lesure: Nicole Silverberg
  • Jonathan, Second Messenger, Eliphaz: Ed Wasserman
  • Ruth, Jolly: Stacey Lurie
  • Rebecca, Adams: Abby Pajakowski
  • Kate, Murphy: Andrea Krushefski
  • First Messenger, Zophar: Sammy Zeisel
  • Girl, Botticelli: Danielle Littman

Production Team

Teaser 1 for JB
Teaser 2 for JB
  • Producer: Kaitlyn Nibbelin
    • Assistant Producer: Meghan McCarter
  • Director: Trina McGee
    • Assistant Director: Brandon Powers
  • Stage Manager: Ashley Thompson
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Lena Krause
  • Composers: Daniel Carlyon & Ray Rehberg
  • Dramaturg: Julia Davidson
  • Set Designer: Kelsey Melvin
  • Technical Director: JJ Marquis
  • Lighting Designer: Danielle Siegel
  • Sound Designer: Daniel Carlyon
  • Costume Designer: Allison Wierema
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Maddy Low
  • Props Designers: Justin Leider & Samantha Brody
  • Mask Designer: Chelsea Taylor
  • Graphics Designer: Nick Gertonson
  • Publicity Director: Addison Heimann
  • Fundraising Director: Jennifer Schaefer
  • Production Assistant: Julia Grigg
  • Social Chair: Ned Baker
    • Assistant Social Chair: Bridgette Hammond
  • Joy and Love: Sean Brennan, Molly Lyons

Click here to watch a timelapse video (by Nate Bartlett) of Load in and Setup

Click here to watch a timelapse video (by Nate Bartlett) of Focus and Rehearsal

Click here to watch a timelapse video (by Nate Bartlett) of Strike