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Jones Residential College, though not a StuCo board, maintains a small stock of scenery and equipment. Priority for the use of these materials is given to whatever group may be renting use of the Jones Great Room at any given time; however, if the space is empty, or if the group renting it does not need the materials, they are available for rent or loan. Inquiries should be directed towards the Jones Technical Director, Elli Williamson ().



  • One 18v cordless drill
  • Two chalk lines
  • Assorted hand tools


  • 5 standard 4x8 wall flats
  • 1 standard 4x8 door flat (door included)
  • 2 2'6"x8' platforms
  • 3 2'8"x8' platforms


Jones has both a scene shop and art studio: while not as comprehensively stocked as other campus build spaces, they do serve their purpose, and are quite pleasantly heated in the winter, as they are indoors. As with material and equipment, use of the spaces is reserved for whatever group has rented the Great Room in any particular week. If they are unused, though, the spaces may be rented out for use.