Just So

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Just So
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Directed by Tyler Beattie
Produced by Tate Jorgensen
Written by Rudyard Kipling, adapted by Tyler Beattie
Sponsored by Sit & Spin Productions
Show Dates Spring 2006
Venue Jones Great Room

Just So was Sit & Spin's Spring Mainstage production for the 2005-2006 season. The show was adapted by director Tyler Beattie from Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories, and featured original music composed by Tyler. The show was performed in the Jones Great Room and featured an ensemble-style cast. Tate Jorgensen produced.

The show was re-mounted the following year with a slightly different cast and performed at area schools.

Just So was the first of several musicals at Northwestern to be written by Tyler Beattie.


  • Katie McGroarty ('08)
  • Chris Britt ('06)
  • Tracy Robin MacKenzie ('09)
  • Dori Scallett ('07)
  • Chuck Filipov ('09)
  • James Belfer ('09)
  • Megan Duffy ('06)
  • Sarah Grace Welbourn ('09)

Production Team

  • Director: Tyler Beattie
  • Producer: Tate Jorgensen ('07)
  • Stage Manager: Annabeth Bondor-Stone ('09)
  • Lighting Designer: Alex Hartzler ('07)
  • Set Designer: Emie Whitman-Allen ('08)
  • Props Designer: Virginia Davis ('08)
  • Technical Director: Zora Senat ('09)
  • Choreographers: Alex Hersler ('08) and Nikki Zaleski ('08)
  • Publicity: Andrew Karas ('09) and Emma Olson ('09)
  • Songstress: Becca Jubelirer ('06)
  • Makeup/Hair: Erin Sprague ('07)