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* Directed by TBD<br>
* Directed by TBD<br>
== 2017-2018 Executive Board ==
== 2018-2019 Executive Board ==
'''Activism Director, Co-Chair''' - Lena Dudley <br>  
'''Activism Director, Co-Chair''' - Lena Dudley <br>  

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This page is currently a work in progress!

Mission Statement

Lipstick Theatre is Northwestern’s only theatre group dedicated to tackling women’s issues through performance and providing female theatre artists with opportunities for artistic growth and expression.

The objectives of Lipstick Theatre are to produce dramatic works written by female playwrights, have strong female characters, have a largely female-based ensemble, or address women’s issues.

2017-2018 Season

Mainstage Shows

Fall Mainstage: In The Continuum
By Danai Gurira and Nikkole Salter
November 2-4 - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by Jenna Levine
  • Directed by Chisom Diana Dimiri

Winter Mainstage: You On The Moors Now
By Jaclyn Backhaus
January 25-27 - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by Arthur Mergner
  • Directed by Harley Kirchhoff

Spring Mainstage: Burlesque (2018)

  • Produced by Lucy Farnsworth
  • Directed by TBD

2018-2019 Executive Board

Activism Director, Co-Chair - Lena Dudley
Artistic Director, Co-Chair - Zoe Johnson
Executive Director, Co-Chair - Lydia Hartman
Business Manager - Saidie Stone
Co-Marketing Director - Samantha Casesa
Co-Production Manager - Jesse Rudnik
Production Mentor - Meredith Mackey
Design Supervisor - Emma Raimi
Technical Director - Noah Kudman
Co-Stage Management Liason - Megan Reynolds
Co-Stage Management Liason - Lauren Kadavy
Special Events Director - Riley Nelson
Engagement Chair - Sophia Blake
Co-Development Director - Brian Cook
Co-Development Director - Paia Amelio
Company Manager - Melissa Lewyn
Old Man Lindo - Lindsey Weiss


Past Seasons
Past Executive Boards

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