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Mission Statement

Lovers & Madmen seeks to provide Northwestern and the Evanston community with classical (pre-20th century) or classically inspired theatrical productions, placing special emphasis on the works of William Shakespeare.

About L&M

L&M is a theatre group, and not just a board; any person who's ever worked on an L&M show in any capacity is considered a Lover or Madman (or both!). Because of this, any Lover or Madman who so wishes is permitted to attend our weekly board meetings (Monday nights, 10:30, Norris). Want a say in StuCo? Work with L&M!

In addition to a stock of standard (4x8) platforms and flats, L&M has a large assortment of costumes and props available for rental. Inquiries regarding set pieces, costumes, and props may be directed to Veronica Johnson, at .

Set Inventory

Costumes and Props

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to chat, please drop us an email at ! Additionally, check us out on Facebook!

2014-2015 Mainstage Season

Fall Shanley: All's Well That Ends Well; October 9-11

  • Produced by Josh Light
  • Directed by Sean Foer

Winter Louis: Arcadia; February 26-28

  • Produced by Janie Dickerson
  • Directed by Gus Schlanbusch

Spring Shanley: Polaroid Stories; April 30-May 2

  • Produced by Mahek Tulsiani
  • Directed by Elliott Hartman

2014-2015 Special Events

Wander Lost; November 22

The Fairest; January 16-17

Treasure Island; May 27-29

Have an idea for a special event? Email this year's Special Events Director, Lucinda Allen, at to start the conversation! And be on the look out for petitions this winter quarter for our 2015 Rock Show!

2015-2016 Executive Board

  • Lucinda Allen - Executive Director
  • Caitlin Medina - Artistic Director
  • Matthew Bentley - Business Manager
  • Kate Leggett - Production Manager
  • Veronica Johnson - Technical Director
  • Preston Choi - Technical Director
  • Doug Pinckney - Technical Director
  • Eloia Peterson - Stage Management Director
  • Casey Norlin - Publicity Director
  • Ryan Martin - Outreach Director
  • Courtney Quinn - Education Director
  • Gustavo Berrizbeitia - Special Events Director
  • Nicole Bauke - Development Director
  • Jackie Bautista - Company Manager
  • Adam Orme - Literary Manager
  • Dylan Reyno - Member-At-Large

Lovers & Madmen Season Archive

Lovers & Madmen Executive Board Archive

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