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Mission Statement

Lovers & Madmen seeks to provide Northwestern and the Evanston community with classical (pre-20th century) or classically inspired theatrical productions, placing special emphasis on the works of William Shakespeare. Lovers & Madmen is committed to the development of educational programming to increase the Northwestern and Evanston communities’ interest in and knowledge of classical literature.

About L&M

L&M is a theatre group, and not just a board; any person who's ever worked on an L&M show in any capacity is considered a Lover or Madman (or both!). Because of this, any Lover or Madman who so wishes is permitted to attend our weekly board meetings (Monday nights, 10:30, Norris). Want a say in StuCo? Work with L&M!

In addition to a stock of standard (4x8) platforms and flats, L&M has a large assortment of costumes and props available for rental. Inquiries regarding set pieces, costumes, and props may be directed to our Inventory Manager, Melanie Vitaterna, at .

Set Inventory

Costumes and Props

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to chat, please drop us an email at ! Additionally, check us out on Facebook!

2012-2013 Season:

Wildcat Welcome Week:

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) - 2012
Produced by Greer DuBois
Directed by Andrew Hitzhusen

Fall Shanley: Macbeth by William Shakespeare

October 18-20
Produced by Claire Kennedy
Directed by Amalie Vega

Winter Shanley: Midnight's Dream by William Shakespeare

January 31-February 2
Produced by Andrew Hitzhusen
Directed by Brendan Yukins

Spring Louis: A Tempest by William Shakespeare

April 26-28
Produced by Justin Connolly
Directed by David Corlew

Dillo Day Rock Show: Lysistrata by Aristophanes

Dillo Week
Produced by Josie Nordman
Directed by Joe Entenman

2011-2012 Season:

Lovers & Madmen's 2011-2012 season

Wildcat Welcome Week:

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) - 2011
September 16 and 18
Produced by Daniel Learner
Directed by Brendan Yukins

Fall Shanley:

I Love You Because
October 20-22
Produced by Melanie Gertzman
Directed by Jesse Rothschild

Winter Shanley:

February 2-4
Produced by Shannon Desmond
Directed by Phoebe Brooks

Spring Louis:

The Arabian Nights
April 27-29
Produced by Sean Brennan
Directed by Jeff Sachs

Dillo Day Rock Show:

The Marriage of Figaro
May 22-25
Produced by Josh Gordon
Directed by Rachel Birnbaum and David Corlew

Special Events:

Spring Awakening: Eine Kindertragödie
Fall Quarter
Produced by Jessica Prescott-Smith
Directed by Ray Rehberg
Ten Day Shakespeare
Directed by Matt Moynihan
Richard: A New Musical
Reading Week Spring Quarter
Produced by Andrew Hitzhusen
Directed by Richard Boersig

The Panini Players


The Panini Players is an L&M satellite group, devoted to exploring and performing the traditional Italian art form, Commedia dell'arte. The Panini Players perform on and off-campus throughout the year.

For more information on The Panini Players, contact Aaron Quick at

Current Members

2012-2013 Exec Board Members

  • Jeff Sachs - Artistic Director
  • Meghan Stanton - Business Manager
  • David Griffin - Production Manager
  • Kate Matias - Technical Director
  • Elli Williamson - Technical Director
  • Shannon Desmond - Development Director
  • Amalie Vega - Stage Management Director
  • Ashley Thompson - Publicity Director
  • Brendan Yukins - Education Director
  • Victoria Cano - Outreach Director
  • Melanie Vitaterna - Inventory Manager
  • Andrew Hitzhusen - Historian
  • Olivia Probetts - Special Events Director
  • Xander Tapling - Dramaturg

Lovers & Madmen Season Archive

Lovers & Madmen Executive Board Archive

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