Lydia's Love 98

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Lydia's Love 98
Directed by Garrett Baer
Produced by Emerson Nosek
Written by Ilana Pena
Sponsored by Vertigo Productions
Show Dates Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2013
Venue Louis Room


To get advice, share their stories, or dedicate a song, everyone knows they can pick up the phone and call Lydia’s Love 98. The mastermind behind the microphone is middle-aged Lydia, who runs this nightly radio talk show with relentless devotion to guiding her listeners through “the maze of human existence.” One night, however, a desperate caller forces the music to stop. Over the course of one hour-and-a-half show, Lydia’s Love 98 explores the lives of seven characters faced with navigating their own lives, on and off the air. Lydia and her listeners are forced to reexamine clichés, question their own culpability, and discover what it means to really listen. Lydia’s Love 98 is a funny, tragic, and intimate look at a late-night radio show and the strangers it unites.


  • Lydia: Phoebe Brooks
  • Todd: Aubrey McGrath
  • Rory: Julia Rose Duray
  • Martin: Josh Issler
  • Da: Sarah Sherman
  • Janet: Elena Besser
  • Walter: Wes Humphrey

Production Team

  • Writer: Ilana Peña
  • Producer: Emerson Nosek
  • Director: Garrett Baer
    • Assistant Director: Josh Aronson
  • Stage Manager: Jacquelyn Bautista
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Jon Gleason
  • Technical Director: Pernell Myers
  • Master Electrician:
  • Set Designer: Nick Raef
    • Assistant Set Designer:
  • Costume Designer: Evelyn Jacoby
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Cordelia Dewdney
  • Lighting Designer: Jeremy Dalton
    • Assistant Lighting Designer:
  • Props Designers: Natalie Rotter-Laitman, Eva Victor
  • Sound Designer: Michael Rogerson
    • Assistant Sound Designer:
  • Fundraising Director:
    • Fundraising Team: Summer Benowitz
  • Publicity Director: Becca Wu
    • Publicity Team: Maddie O'Brien, Hannah Verdon
  • Graphics Goddess: Juli Del Prete
  • Video Promotions: Pat Beecher

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