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Directed by Amalie Vega
Produced by Claire Kennedy
Written by William Shakespeare
Sponsored by Lovers & Madmen
Show Dates Oct. 18-20
Venue Shanley Pavilion

The Story

Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy, Macbeth is a story of ambition, arrogance, murder, and madness. After a great military victory against a rebel army, Scottish general Macbeth encounters three witches who prophesize that he will be crowned King of Scotland. Persuaded by Lady Macbeth to seize the crown from the current king, he commits regicide against King Duncan. Swiftly descending in to madness and paranoia, Macbeth resorts to murderous, tyrannical acts to ensure his hold on the crown. Wracked by guilt, the bloodbath continues as Macbeth encounters ghosts, demons, and spirits before he is finally confronted in battle with Macduff, a Scottish nobleman who opposes Macbeth’s ascension to the throne.

In this production, Macbeth is female, one who has been masquerading as a male for nearly her whole life, and only Lady Macbeth knows. We're excited to explore identity: who we are around other people versus who we are while alone. It exists in a place entirely timeless: tape decks and record players, guns and broadswords, cloaks and miniskirts. All exist together with none out of place, but nothing is new. In this world governed by age and tradition, how does one woman fighting her identity turn into the kind of person no one wishes to be?


  • Macbeth: Meghan Stanton
  • Lady Macbeth: Lindsey Carlson
  • Banquo: Bridget McNamara
  • First Witch/Ensemble: Ashley Thompson
  • Second Witch/Ensemble: Ani Poladian
  • Third Witch/Ensemble: Shawn Morgenlander
  • Duncan/Macduff: Alex Benjamin
  • Fleance/Malcolm: Jacob Trauberman

Production Team

  • Producer: Claire Kennedy
    • Assistant Producer: Justin Connolly
  • Director: Amalie Vega
  • Stage Manager: Sam Egle
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Lacey Weeks
  • Lighting Designer: David Griffin
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Eric Johnson
  • Master Electrician: Steph Kahn
  • Set Designer: Elli Williamson
    • Assistant Set Designer: Brian Knall
  • Technical Director: Ashley Nguyen
  • Costume Designer: Annie Weiss
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Sean Buckley
  • Props Designer: Emma Pardini
    • Secret Assistant Props Designer: Andrew Hitzhusen
  • Sound Designer: Jon Schneidman
    • Assistant Sound Designer:
  • Composer: Jon Schneidman
  • Makeup Designer: Shawn Morgenlander
  • Hair Designer: Bridget McNamara
  • Violence Design: Alex Tey
  • Publicity Director: Malia Hu
    • Publicity Team:
  • Fundraising Director:
    • Fundraising Team:
  • Graphic Designer: Collin Rice
  • Run Crew: Lucinda Allen, Marie Peeples

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