Mr. Marmalade

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Mr. Marmalade
Directed by Jesse Thurston
Artistic Producer Lucas McMahon
Business Producer Sean Brennan
Written by Noah Haidle
Sponsored by Sit & Spin Productions
Show Dates November 19-21, 2009
Venue The Louis Room


Lucy is a four-year-old girl with a very active imagination. Unfortunately, her imaginary friend Mr. Marmalade doesn't have much time for her. Not to mention he beats up his personal assistant, has a cocaine addiction, and a penchant for pornography and very long dildos. Larry, her only real friend, is the youngest suicide attempt in the history of New Jersey. Mr. Marmalade is a savage black comedy about what it takes to grow up in these difficult times.


  • Lucy: 4 years old. Has a vivid imagination.
  • Mr. Marmalade: Her imaginary friend. Dresses nice. Never has any time for her.
  • Sookie: Lucy's mom. Relies on men for more than they're good for.
  • Emily: The baby sitter. The first girl in her class to get boobs.
  • George: Her boyfriend. A jock. Wears a leather jacket.
  • Larry: 5 years old. Has bandages on his wrists. The youngest suicide attempt in the history of New Jersey.
  • Bradley: Mr. Marmalade's personal assistant. Can sing like an angel.
  • A Cactus and A Sunflower: Talking plants.
  • A Man: A one-night stand.


  • Lucy: Dana O'Brien
  • Mr. Marmalade: Drigan Lee
  • Larry: Nick Gertonson
  • Bradley: Tucker May
  • Sookie/Emily/Sunflower: KC Schlossberg
  • George/Cactus/Man: JJ Phillips

Production Team

Artistic Team

  • Artistic Producer: Lucas McMahon
    • Assistant Artistic Producer: Paige Anderson
  • Director: Jesse Thurston
    • Assistant Director: Hannah Dawe
  • Stage Manager: Erin Cutler
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Rachel Stubblefield-Tave
  • Scenic Designer: Emily Anderson
    • Assistant Scenic Designer: Phoebe Brooks
    • Technical Director: Evan Derrow
    • Assistant Technical Director:Jonathan Gobrial
  • Lighting Designer: Danny Osburn
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Wes McMinimy
  • Costume Designer: Danielle Calvert
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Kendra Vaculin
  • Sound Designer: Jake Pollock
    • Assistant Sound Designer: Gil Ghitis
  • Props Designer: Rebecca Munley
    • Assistant Props Designers: Rebecca Dumain
  • Makeup/Hair Designer: Meg Morrissey
    • Makeup Artist: Rachel Vrabec
  • Fight Choreographer: Alex Tey

Business Team

  • Business Producer: Sean Brennan
    • Assistant Business Producer: Bob Kalas
  • Fundraising Director: Brandon Harrington
  • Publicity Director: Alex Ryser
  • Graphic Designer: Marissa Konstadt
  • Business Team:
    • Alexi Kovin
    • Naomi Rosen
    • Amelia Hefferon
    • Kaitlyn Nibbelin
    • Rachel Abrahams
    • Stephanie Ernst
    • Erica Israel
    • Claire Kennedy