Night of the Flesh Eaters

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'Night of the Flesh Eaters'
Directed by Alex Tey
Produced by Bessie Tockstein
Sponsored by WAVE Productions
Show Dates May 17-20
Venue Shanley Pavilion


A small group of Northwestern students is forced to hole up in Shanley pavilion to defend themselves against an onslaught of shambling creatures that gorge themselves on human flesh. Tensions build as the group argues over the best way to survive the night. Then a shocking discovery changes everything...

At once a thrilling piece of theatrical horror and a high-stakes philosophical thought experiment, this close-quarters, high octane drama is an entirely original work with characters and dialogue devised by the cast, examining the moral dilemmas surrounding war, the right to life, capital punishment, and more.

Prepare yourself.

They're coming for you.

Flesh Eaters Links

Official Night of the Flesh Eaters website- information about the show, photos, team, links, etc.

Development Blog- Tumblr with info about the development of the Flesh Eaters characters, script, gore, etc.

Kickstarter- Donate to Night of the Flesh Eaters!



  • Lindsey Kay Carlson
  • Jacob Devine
  • Ross Lemmon
  • Emily Marso
  • Kaitlyn Nibbelin
  • Ashley Thompson

Featured Zombies

  • Karishma Bhatt
  • Megan Bounds
  • Jake Degler
  • Patrick Flannery
  • Sharon Kim
  • Allison Manley
  • Meghan McCarter
  • Peter Moglia
  • Pernell Myers
  • Emma Pardini
  • Ani Poladian
  • Aaron Quick
  • Amy Secunda
  • Alex Tey
  • Karen Valencia

We still need about 2 more interested and talented individuals to portray 'featured zombies'

  • they will need to learn fight choreography, and will probably get to eat some (fake) flesh.
  • This will require a time commitment of two weeks (May 7-20)
  • May be possible to work around other shows or 140-3!

Also, anyone who is free for any performance evening can join the massive zombie horde! Look on our website, or email for more info!!

If you are interested in any of this, or have any questions at all, contact


Production Team

  • Producer: Bessie Tockstein
    • Assistant Producer: Andrew Hitzhusen
  • Director: Alex Tey
    • Assistant Director: Pernell Myers
  • Stage Manager: Amalie Vega
  • Dramaturg: Dylan Pickus
  • Development Associate/Blog Curator: Kaitlyn Nibbelin
  • Gore Effect Designer: Meghan McCarter
    • Gore Effect Assistant: Melanie Vitaterna
  • Makeup Designer: Elli Williamson
    • Makeup Assistants: Laura Day and Ale Gracia
  • Costume Designers: Maria Zdunek and Lauren Carbajal
  • Sound Designer: Aaron Quick
  • Props/Space Designer: Emma Pardini
  • Lighting Designer: Joseph Entenman
  • Publicity Director: Jacob Devine
  • Fundraising Director: Justin Connolly
  • Graphic Designer: Anna Marr
  • Website Designer: Louis Schermerhorn
  • Video Director: Jake Pollock
  • Violence Consultant/Photographer: Ned Baker

We are still looking for:

  • Run Crew

If you are interested in joining the production team in any capacity, contact

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