On Beyond the Places You'll Go

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On Beyond the Places You'll Go
Directed by Sean Brennan
Produced by Kimi Greer
Adapted by Sean brennan
Sponsored by Purple Crayon Players
Show Dates Jan 20-22
Venue TBA

For years children's literature was dominated by primer books such as the 'Dick and Jane' series that sought merely to teach kids basic vocabulary, grammar, and manners. That is, until a New York political cartoonist named Theodor Geisel entered the field. Geisel, under his pseudonym Dr. Seuss, went on to revolutionize the field of children's literature through mature themes and whimsical language, but no other contribution is greater than his encouragement of creativity and imagination in his readers. On Beyond the Places You'll Go! is a celebration of Dr. Seuss and his unique perspective on the creativity, imagination, and intelligence of young readers


  • Emily Marso
  • Anna Marr
  • Sophie Rich
  • Melanie Vitaterna
  • Khari Shelton
  • Michelle Schechter
  • Amy Young

Production Team

  • Producer: Kimi Greer
  • Director: Sean Brennan
  • Stage Manager: Katherine Scott