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2016-2017 Season

Fall Mainstage: NSFW
By Lucy Kirkwood
October 20th-22nd - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Gustavo Berrizbeitia
  • Directed by: Isabel Perry

Winter Mainstage: Water By The Spoonful
By Quiara Alegría Hudes
February 16th-18th - McCormick Auditorium

  • Produced by: Jonathan Gelb
  • Directed by: Morgan Rielly

Spring Mainstage: Project NU 2017 - Shelter In Place
April 27th-29th - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Marissa Ferrara
  • Head Written by: Katie Chang
  • Directed by: Sam Balka

Special Event
Festival of Devised Works 2017
April 14th-15th - Jones Great Room

  • Produced by: Arthur Mergner
  • Festival Directors: Annabel Heacock, Zoe Johnson, Deniz Turkoglu

2015-2016 Season

Fall Mainstage: Alchemy of Desire/Dead-Man's Blues
A play with songs by Caridad Svich
October 22nd-24th - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Bailey LePage
  • Directed by: Bex Ehrmann

Winter Mainstage: A Bright New Boise
By Samuel D. Hunter
February18th-20th - McCormick Auditorium

  • Produced by: Jamie Joeyen-Waldorf
  • Directed by: Elliott Hartman

Spring Mainstage: Project NU 2016 - Waiting for Dillo
May 12th-14th - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Alex Milinazzo
  • Head Written by: Pauline Moll
  • Directed by: Jenna Perlstein

Special Events
Every Hundred Years: A Century in American Protest Music
October 3rd - Jones Great Room

  • Produced by Sinclair Willman and Tatiana Dalton

Festival of Devised Works 2016
April 7th-9th - Jones Great Room

  • Produced by: Andrea Canizares-Fernandez
  • Festival Directors: Zach Barr, Anna Bearse, David Chacon, Preston Choi, Morgan Rielly, and Caroline Scott

2014-2015 Season

Spectrum's 2014-2015 Season
2014-15 Season Poster.png

Fall Mainstage: Bare by John Hartmere, Jr. and Damon Intrabartolo
October 23rd-25th - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Daniel Stompor
  • Directed by: Alex Bird

Winter Mainstage: Time Stands Still by Donald Margulies
February 5th-7th - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Nick Raef and Aparna Ramachandran
  • Directed by: Johann George

Spring Mainstage: Merrily We Roll Along
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by George Furth
May 7th-9th - McCormick Auditorium

  • Produced by: Caitlin Medina
  • Directed by: Aaron Simon Gross

Special Events
Festival of Devised Works 2015
April 2nd-4th - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Abby Weissman
  • Festival Directors: Delaney Burlingame, Tatiana Dalton, Juliet Roll

2013-2014 Season

Spectrum's 2013-2014 Season
2013-14 Season Poster.jpg

Fall Mainstage: Bug by Tracy Letts
October 24th-26th - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Brandon Nadig
  • Directed by: Aaron Simon Gross

Winter Mainstage: Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
February 13th-15th - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Grover Hollway
  • Directed by: Sean Foer

Spring Mainstage: Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie
May 22nd-24th - Louis Room

  • Produced by: Alex Wolfe
  • Directed by: Collin Rice and Maia Safani

Special Events
8 by Dustin Lance Black
McCormick Auditorium

  • Produced by: Justin Connolly
  • Directed by: Joe Entenman

Festival of Devised Works 2014
Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Clayton Shuttleworth
  • Directed by: Justin Shannin, Nikki Rosengren, and Maggie Monahan

2012-2013 Season

Spectrum's 2012-2013 Season
Season Poster.jpeg

Fall Mainstage: Blood Brothers by Willy Russell
November 1st-3rd - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Sara Cunningham
  • Directed by: Marlee Rich

Winter Mainstage: The Quare Fellow by Brendan Behan
February 14th-16th - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Kate Matias
  • Directed by: Layne Drinkwater

Spring Mainstage: The Amish Project by Jessica Dickey
April 11th-13th - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Kyle Largent
  • Directed by: Alex Benjamin

Special Events
The Canary
Annie May Swift Krause Studio

  • Produced by: Talia Weingarten
  • Directed by: Catherine Mounger

Norris East Lawn

  • Produced by: Courtney Quinn
  • Directed by: Marylynne Anderson-Cooper

2011-2012 Season

Spectrum's 2011-2012 Season
240783 1990406833598 1046160132 32203712 1912880 o (1).jpg

Fall Mainstage: Recent Tragic Events by Craig Wright

  • Produced by: Jeremy Dalton
  • Directed by: Meg Feibusch & Richard Boersig

Winter Mainstage: The Food Show, devised

  • Produced by: Aleah Papes
  • Directed by: Ben Gojer

Early Spring Mainstage: Talk Radio by Eric Bogosian

  • Produced by: Olivia Brown
  • Directed by: Greg Uzelac

Late Spring Mainstage: The Elephant by Betsuyaku Minoru

  • Produced by: Amanda Lapid
  • Directed by: Seth Garben

Special Event: Up in the Tufts of the Truffula Tree, adapted from stories by Dr. Seuss

  • Produced by: Gavi Keyles
  • Directed by: Robyn Char

2010-2011 Season

What is truth?

Fall Mainstage: Dead Man's Cellphone, Written by Sarah Ruhl
Winter Mainstage: Where the Grass Isn't Greener, A devised piece on LGBTQIA rights, exploring the question: How do I reconcile my sexual identity with the rest of my identity?
Spring Mainstage: Chaos Theories, Written by Alexander Dinelaris

2009-2010 Season

For whom are we responsible?

Fall Mainstage: Spectrum Slam, A spoken word theatre piece
Winter Special Event: Responsibility Week, Including a documentary screening in conjunction with a hunger dinner, flash mob, and a 24-hour devised piece
Spring Mainstage: Korczak's Children, Written by Jeffrey Hatcher
Spring Special Event: PupPet Sounds, A show featuring homemade puppets inspired by and incorporating the Beach Boys' album Pet Sounds
Spring Special Event: Stories We Cannot Tell, stories of oppression explored an illustrated by a diverse ensemble

2008-2009 Season

Wildcat Welcome Week Show: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, The Neofuturists at NU
Fall Mainstage: The God of Hell, Written by Sam Shepard
Winter Mainstage: The Normal Heart, Written by Larry Kramer

2007-2008 Season

Fall Mainstage: Not about Heroes, Written by Stephen MacDonald
Winter Mainstage: Nickled and Dimed, Written by John Holden

2006-2007 Season

Fall Mainstage: Stop Kiss, Written by Diana Son
Spring Mainstage: The Exonerated, Written by Erik Jensen & Jessica Blank
New Play Festival: staged readings of three new plays written by students on social and political issues

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