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Directed by Kelby Siddons
Produced by Jordan Pucket
Written by Aurand Harris
Sponsored by Purple Crayon Players
Show Dates March-May, 2009
Venue Shanley Pavilion


"Life is really unfair." "I've thought that for a long time."

Faithfully adapted from the award-winning 1977 novel by Betsy Byars, Aurand Harris's The Pinballs is the story of cynical fifteen-year-old comedienne Carlie, studious thirteen-year-old Harvey, and earnest eight-year-old Thomas J: three children with little in common but feeling like pinballs bumped around the foster care system without a say. During their first summer in Mrs. Mason's foster home together, they will clash, cope, mend, and hope together under one roof, changing the way they see themselves and the way they define a family.

This poignant, humorous play deals with themes of familial loss, domestic abuse, and alcoholism, and is therefore best suited for grades 5+.

On-Campus Show Dates

March 12 - 14, 2008 at Shanley Pavilion

  • Thursday at 8 pm
  • Friday at 8 & 11 pm
  • Saturday at 2 & 8 pm

Spring Tour to Chicagoland Schools

March - May, The Pinballs will tour to grades 5-8 in the Evanston / Chicagoland area.


  • Carlie: Kacy Smith
  • Harvey: Mikey Renan
  • Thomas J: Justin Barbin
  • Mrs. Mason: Emma Roberts
  • Harvey's Father: Jeff Konowitch

Production Team

  • Asst. Producer: Rachel Alba
  • Asst. Director: Eupha McCrary
  • Stage Manager: Kaitlyn Nibbelin
  • Set Design: Joe Loffing
  • Lighting Design: Daniel Lazar
  • Asst. Lighting: Aaron Quick
  • Sound Design & Music Composition: Justin Mier & Colton Dillion
  • Costume Design: Mugsie Pike
  • Asst. Costume: Dana O'Brien
  • Props Design: Lauren Echevarria
  • Technical Director & Master Electrician: Anakin Morris
  • Graphic Design: Jacob Watson
  • Publicity & Fundraising: Janice Levy

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