Pink Milk

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Pink Milk
Directed by Brandon Powers
Produced by Ashley Thompson
Written by Alex Young
Sponsored by Vertigo Productions
Show Dates February 2nd-4th
Venue Louis Room


Pink Milk is very loosely based on the life of Alan Turing, a British mathematician known for creating the Turing Machine, the precursor to our modern day computers.

Our Alan is lonely, gay, a genius, Snow White obsessed. As a young boy, he builds a robot to help him make his bed. He plays field hockey at his prep school but is more interested in talking to the daisy sitting in the middle of the field. His mother supports him but can't understand why he wants to dress up like a princess. His father wants to take him hunting, but Alan would rather teach his robot new tricks. As a teenager, he is heart broken when the love of his life, Christopher, dies. In his life, Alan faces nosebleeds, curious boys, war, a ghost, and finally Arnold, who causes his life to spiral out of control.

Through movement, poetry, music and projections Pink Milk will be an experience which explores a new rich fantasy world while navigating themes from our own.


The soundtrack is available for purchase in the iTunes store as a downloadable playlist, here. This includes Gemini, but not "Wishery", which is not allowed to be sold through iTunes. Wishery can be downloaded here. Additionally, Gemini can be downloaded, separately, here.

  1. "Wishery" - Pogo (3:31)
  2. "It's Boring/You Can Live Anywhere You Want" - YACHT (8:52)
  3. "Someday My Prince Will Come" - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1:54)
  4. "Huddle Formation" - The Go! Team (3:09)
  5. "Fireworks" - Animal Collective (6:50)
  6. "Alice Practice" - Crystal Castles (2:41)
  7. "Now, Now" - St. Vincent (4:25)
  8. "Silver Screen Shower Scene" - Felix Da Housecat (4:40)
  9. "Overture" - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2:11)
  10. "Polish Girl" - Neon Indian (4:24)
  11. "In the Upper Room (Dance VIII) - Philip Glass (4:59)
  12. "Whistle While You Work" - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (3:23)
  13. "Einstein on the Beach: Spaceship" - Philip Glass (12:51)
  14. "String Quartet No. 3, "Mishima": V. Blood Oath - Philip Glass/[Kronos Quartet] (3:14)
  15. "Gemini" - Ray Rehberg (2:29)


  • Alan: Joe McManus
  • Christopher: Matt Moynihan
  • Mr. Turing/Arnold: John MacGaffey
  • The Mothers: Erin Cutler
  • The Inanimate Objects: Natalie Houchins
  • The Experiments: Benjamin Barker
  • The Authority Figures: Brittany Blum

Production Team

  • Producer: Ashley Thompson
    • Assistant Producer: Ali Parr
  • Director: Brandon Powers
    • Assistant Director: Claire Huntington
  • Writer: Alex Young
  • Stage Manager: Lena Krause
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Grace Gabel
  • Costume Designers: Scott Shimizu, Chelsea Taylor
  • Lighting Designer: Brad Zipser
  • Set Designer: Matt Moynihan
  • Technical Director:
  • Projections Manager: Alexander Fones
  • Master Electrician:
  • Props Designer: Ross Lemmon
  • Sound Designer: Ray Rehberg
    • Assistant Sound: James Clemer
  • Original Music: Ray Rehberg
  • Fundraising Director: Dylan Pickus
  • Publicity Manager: Sean Brennan
    • Publicity Team: Jacobi Alvarez
  • Graphic Designer: Max Cove

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