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About PreTENd Productions

PreTENd productions puts on a 10 Minute Play Festival annually.

Started in 2009 by Romi Barta the 10 Minute Play Festival provides more opportunities for student written work to be produced on this campus.

2013 Plays

  • Cheap and Cheerful by Anne Berkowitz directed by Alex Gold
  • Chopping Wood by Taylor Bostwick directed by Dylan Pager
  • My Beautiful Land of Loss by Cansu Coban directed by Pernell Myers
  • Open Marriage - by Matt Ervin directed by Will Wilhelm
  • Fuck This Coffee - by Wyatt Fair directed by Michael Rogerson
  • Way the Heavens Go by Elsa Gay directed by Collin Rice
  • Windsor Knot by Natalie Houchins directed by Claire Huntington
  • Golden Album - by Will Sonheim directed by Maia Nowack
  • Heifer by Travis Steele directed by Layne Drinkwater

2012 Plays

  • Seventh Grade by Sam Altman directed by Will Sonheim
  • Locked-In by Jake Devine directed by Louis Schermerhorn
  • Two Romantics in A Chat Room by Gaby FeBland directed by Dana O'Brien
  • Fly Away by Kaitlin Gilgenbach directed by Gavi Keyles
  • Till the Boys Come Home by Michael Henry directed by Marek Pavlovski
  • The Good People by Ethan Kaplan directed by Diana Raiseles
  • Illusions by Emma Pardini directed by Andrew Hitzuhen
  • Bittersweet, Yo by Em Reit directed by Patrick Budde
  • No Man's Rabbi by Amanda Scherker directed by Bob Kalas
  • Lazzo Americano by Brendan Yukins directed by Alex Young

2011-2012 Board

  • Artistic Director & SOS Teacher: Ilana Peña
  • SOS Teacher: Emily Acker
  • Production Manager: Rachel Birnbaum
  • Artistic Associate: Danielle Littman
  • Artistic Associate: Tristan Powell

2011-2012 Team

  • Artistic Producer: Marylynne Anderson-Cooper
  • Business Producer: Lisa Wiznitzer
  • Stage Manager: Sam Mueller
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Julia Namm
  • Technical Director:
  • Publicity Director: