Rabbit Hole

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Rabbit Hole
Directed by Scott Wolf
Produced by Kate Villa
Written by David Lindsay-Abaire
Sponsored by Jewish Theatre Ensemble
Show Dates March 1-3, 2012
Venue Shanley Pavilion


The play centers around Becca and Howie, who lost their 4 year old son Danny in an accident 8 months before the play starts. It explores the couple's attempts to return to their everyday lives in the wake of such a shocking and sudden loss, as well as the peripheral effects on their family and friends. The resulting journey is that of two human beings trying to reconnect with each other and the world around them that has been changed forever.


  • Becca: Samantha Beach
  • Howie: Jonathan Fisher
  • Izzy: Hannah Kahn
  • Nat: Dana O'Brien
  • Jason: Aaron White
    • Danny (Voice): Angela Vitaterna

Production Team

  • Producer: Kate Villa
    • Assistant Producer: Frankie Allegra
  • Director: Scott Wolf
    • Assistant Director: Marlee Rich
  • Stage Manager: Sean Buckley
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Melanie Vitaterna
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Malia Hu
  • Costume Designer: Zoë Maltby
    • Assistant Costume Designer:
  • Lighting Designer: Jeremy Dalton
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Francesca Mennella
  • Sound Designer: Ray Rehberg
  • Original Music: Ray Rehberg
  • Set Designer: Corinne Bass
  • Props Designer: Gracie Schwartzenberger
  • Technical Director:
  • Master Electrician:
  • Fundraising Director:
  • Publicity Director:
    • Publicity Team:
  • Graphic Designer: Juli Del Prete