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Directed by Phoebe Brooks
Produced by Jacob Trauberman
Written by David Mamet
Sponsored by JTE
Show Dates May 2-4, 2013
Venue Shanley Pavilion

A fast-paced, madcap comedy-farce, the main action of the play occurs in a courtroom presided over by a judge whose allergy medications make him terribly drowsy in the first act and incredibly manic in the second act. Meanwhile, the prosecutor has to deal with his flamboyant and often difficult-to-control boyfriend Bernard. The gentile defense attorney is swapping racial slurs with his Jewish client, who suddenly comes up with a brilliant idea to solve all the problems in the Middle East. The question is, can he cut through all the courtroom drama in time to make the plan work?


  • Prosecutor: Brendan Flynn
  • Defendant: Brett Warner
  • Defense Attorney: Nick DiMaso
  • Judge: Sean Foer
  • Baliff: Logan Fassbinder
  • Bernard: Will Wilhelm
  • Doctor: Alex Zukoff

Production Team

  • Producer: Jacob Trauberman
    • Artistic Assistant Producer: Charlie Oh
    • Business Assistant Producer: Kyle Largent
  • Director: Phoebe Brooks
    • Assistant Director: Greer DuBois
  • Stage Manager: Lacey Weeks
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Lily Goldstein
  • Set Designer: Bryan Matias
    • Assistant Set Designer:
  • Costume Designer: Lizzy Wigley
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Aubrey McGrath
  • Lighting Designer: Stephanie Kahn
    • Assistant Lighting Designer:
  • Technical Director: Ashley Nguyen
    • Technical Consultants: Ford Altenbern
  • Master Electrician: Aaron Lorenz
  • Props Designers: Bex Siegel and Wes Humphrey
  • Sound Designer: Josh Issler
    • Assistant Sound Designer:
  • Dramaturg: Layne Drinkwater
  • Graphic Designer: Collin Rice
  • Videographer: Joshua Aronson
  • Fundraising Directors: Tristan Chiruvolu, Kate Leggett, Shaina Wagner
  • Publicity Director: Becca Wu
    • Publicity Team: Mahek Tulsiani, Khari Shelton
    • Marketing Chair: Brennan Suen
  • Community Outreach Director:
    • Community Outreach Team: Zach Freier-Harrison
  • Bartender: Ari Shapiro
    • Assistant Bartender: Emily Fishkin
  • Ambassador to The Keg, Nevin's, The Deuce, etc.: Desiree Staples
  • Joy Maintenance Director: Maddie Ambrose
    • Massage Chair: Melanie Vitaterna
    • Joy Maintenance Team: Sam Douglas, Alex Gold, Vivian Prieto, Talia Weingarten
  • Bromance Consultant: Ford Altenbern
  • The Surprise: Sam Egle
  • Understudy: Dan Cantor
    • Understudy to the Understudy: David Corlew
  • Sanity Preservation Director: Khari Shelton
  • Giggle Chair: Rebecca Dumain
  • Expletive Abacist: Emma Pardini

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