SHOWDOWN: The Northwestern Epic Stunt Spectacular

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Showdown: The Northwestern Epic Stunt Spectacular
Directed by Ned Baker
Produced by Louis Schermerhorn, Alex Tey
Sponsored by Arts Alliance
Show Dates 3PM Sept. 16-19, Wildcat Welcome Week 2011
Venue Northwestern University. All of it.



As audiences take a tour around campus, they find themselves embroiled in a participatory adventure of comedy and stunts, where the choices they make directly affect the outcome of the story, and everyone is a key player in the action that unfolds all across Northwestern.

  • September 16 at 3PM
  • September 17 at 3PM
  • September 18 at 3PM
  • September 19 at 3PM


Walking tour begins at Crowe Courtyard. Where it ends, nobody knows!



  • Jake Devine
  • Tracey Green
  • Justin Leider
  • Ross Lemmon
  • Zoë Maltby
  • Emily Marso
  • Pernell Myers
  • Ani Poladian
  • Jessica Prescott-Smith
  • Ray Rehberg
  • Louis Schermerhorn
  • Alex Tey
  • Ashley Thompson

Production Team

  • Producers: Louis Schermerhorn, Alex Tey
  • Director: Ned Baker
  • Stage Manager: Amalie Vega
  • Set Design: Ray Rehberg, Colton Dillion
    • Assistant Set: Josh Anderson
  • Props: Cathy Muskett
  • Lighting Design: The Sun
  • Publicity Director: Jake Devine
  • Fundraising Director: Sean Buckley
  • Graphic Design: Nick Gertonson
  • Violence Consultant: Samantha Egle
  • Production Assistant: Kaitlyn Nibbelin