Salt and Pepper

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Salt and Pepper
Directed by Madeline Scheffler
Produced by Sarah Radov
Written by Jose Cruz Gonzales
Sponsored by Purple Crayon Players
Show Dates March-May, 2008
Venue Shanley Pavilion, Chicago Elementary Schools


  • Hannah: Caitlin Collins
  • Old Man: Scott Weinstein
  • Andy: Rotimi Akinosho (Shanley), Dan Carlyon (Tour)
  • Salt: Jeff Glass
  • Pepper: Liezl Rivadelo

Production Team

  • Producer: Sarah Radov
  • Director: Madeline Scheffler
    • Assistant Director: Briana Bower
  • Stage Manager: Jordan Puckett
  • Set Designer: Dan Wilson
    • Assistant Set Designer: Lauren Echevarria
  • Costume Designers: Josh Ropiequet & Jacqui Jarrold
  • Lighting Designer: Jason Margolis
  • Sound Designer: Dan Carlyon
  • Graphics/Props Designer: Kelby Siddons
  • Technical Director: Joe Loffing
  • Master Electrician: Anakin Morris
  • Tour Producers: Brynne Mancuso & Christine Ritchey