Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat

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Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat
Directed by Jared Sprowls
Produced by Jamie Joeyen-Waldorf
Written by Mark Ravenhill
Sponsored by Sit & Spin Productions
Show Dates February 19-21, 2015
Venue Shanley Pavilion

About the Show

Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat is an epic cycle of short plays tied together by a common theme. Through a darkly comedic lens, the play examines how we view war, conflict and terror when many of us are largely removed from it. Should we try to imagine the unimaginable or should we accept the fact that we will never understand? The ensemble cast plays everything from a judgmental wife on a juice cleanse to the ghost of a decapitated soldier, a mother not afraid to drop an F-bomb to a man not afraid to strap a bomb to his back. Fast-paced and unapologetically funny, this play is a parody of the world we live in today, utterly absurd while being uncomfortably realistic.


  • Annie Brennen
  • Ryan Kenney
  • Jenna Levin
  • Phoebe Moore
  • Dominick Mugavero
  • Hannah Verdon
  • Peter Vilim
  • Shaina Wagner

Production Team

  • Producer: Jamie Joeyen-Waldorf
    • Assistant Producer: Madeleine Rostami
  • Director: Jared Sprowls
  • Stage Manager: Alina Carrel
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Sylvana Caruso
  • Costume Designer: Megan Riley
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Faye Oyang
  • Graphic Designer: Matt Silverman
  • Lighting Designer: Tatyana Aravena
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Lane Lubell
  • Set Designer: Axel Mark
  • Sound Designer: Alex Benjamin
    • Sound Board Op: Doug Pinckney
  • Props Designer: Mihta Garan
  • Publicity Directors: Sam Prose
  • Fundraising Director: Sam Freedman
    • Fundraising Assistant: Devon Kerr
  • Promo Videographer: Sam Spahn
  • Photographer (Poster/Graphics): Devon Levy
  • Photographer (Rehearsal): Rafi Letzter

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