Sit & Spin Stand-Up

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Sit & Spin Stand-Up
Directed by Kat Palardy
Produced by Zora Senat
Sponsored by Sit & Spin Productions
Show Dates April 2007
Venue Café Ambrosia basement

Sit & Spin Stand-Up was the inaugural performance of what has become an annual stand-up comedy show case that Sit & Spin puts on every spring. The original show was held April 6 and 7, 2007, in the basement of Cafe Ambrosia. The following year's sequel was appropriately titled, Sit & Spin Stand-Up 2.


  • MC: Adam Welton
  • Alex Hartzler & Dan Foster
  • Claire Neumann
  • Alex Weisman
  • Jessica McKenna & Annabeth Bondor-Stone
  • Tom Witczak
  • Meg Steedle
  • Chuck Filipov & Rebecca Warm
  • Joel Sinensky

Production Team

  • Director: Kat Palardy
  • Producer: Zora Senat
  • Stage Manager: Brittany Bookbinder
  • Publicity: Jessica McKenna
  • Fundraising: Kyly Zakheim and Morgan Karr