Sit & Spin Stand-Up 2

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Sit & Spin Stand-Up 2
File:SS-SU2 poster.jpg
Directed by Joel Sinensky
Produced by Jamie White
Sponsored by Sit & Spin Productions
Show Dates April 4th and 5th, 2008 at 8pm and 10 pm
Venue Café Ambrosia basement

Back and better than ever, Sit & Spin is proud to present The Second Year of Sit & Spin Stand Up! The acts are hotter than ever... Enjoy some traditional stand up comedy with a Northwestern touch. Join us at Cafe Ambrosia April 4th or 5th at 8pm or 10pm. Bring your friends, grab some coffee, and enjoy the first weekend back from break with a good laugh!


  • MC: Govind Kumar
  • Sam Allard
  • Pat Bishop & Chris Poole
  • Isabelle Exposito
  • Rebecca Loeser
  • Dan Siegel
  • Kat Palardy
  • Rebecca Warm
  • Sarah Grace Welbourn & Connor White
  • Tom Witczak

Production Team

  • Café Ambrosia Contact: Mike Renollet
  • Stage Manager: Marissa Konstadt
  • Business Assistant: Daniel Lazar
  • Publicity: Scott Shaefitz
  • Corporate Relations: Sonya Roberts
  • Graphic Designer: Bryan Young
  • Social Chair: Brandon Harrington
  • Director of Fun: Edie Wellman