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Mission Statement

Spectrum Theatre Company is dedicated to empowering the greater Northwestern community by raising awareness, inspiring dialogue, and effecting change through theatrical experiences based on relevant social and political issues.

About Spectrum

Founded in 2005, Spectrum Theatre Company aims to inspire thought and dialogue both on campus and within the larger community. Spectrum is dedicated to recognizing the spectrum of beliefs, opinions, colors, creeds, and lifestyles of all people by producing thought provoking and challenging theater. We seek to collaborate with and empower the Northwestern community through theatre. Our seasons consist of scripted plays, devised work, and public happenings centered around relevant politically and social conscious issues.

Looking for set pieces, tools, props, or costumes? Check out our Inventory, located at the Public Storage on Green Bay Road! For all rentals, please contact our Technical Manager Kali Skatchke at kaliskatchke2017@u.northwestern.edu.

2015-2016 Season

Fall Mainstage: Alchemy of Desire/Dead-Man's Blues
A play with songs by Caridad Svich
October 22nd-24th - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Bailey LePage
  • Directed by: Bex Ehrmann

Winter Mainstage: A Bright New Boise
By Samuel D. Hunter
February18th-20th - McCormick Auditorium

  • Produced by: Jamie Joeyen-Waldorf
  • Directed by: Elliott Hartman

Spring Mainstage: Project NU 2016 - Untitled
May 12th-14th - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by: Alex Milinazzo
  • Head Written by: Pauline Moll
  • Directed by: Jenna Perlstein

Special Events
Every Hundred Years: A Century in American Protest Music
October 3rd - Jones Great Room

  • Produced by Sinclair Willman and Tatiana Dalton

Festival of Devised Works 2016
April 7th-9th - Location TBD

  • Produced by: Andrea Canizares-Fernandez
  • Festival Directors: Zach Barr, Anna Bearse, David Chacon, Preston Choi, Morgan Rielly, and Caroline Scott

Check out our Past Seasons!

2015-2016 Executive Board

Executive Director: Matthew Silverman
Artistic Director: Michael Fagan
Business Manager: Janie Dickerson
Production Manager: Daniel Stompor
Publicity Director: Maisie Rose
Digital Media Chair: Mariah Copeland
Outreach Directors: Maia Nowack, Mary Iris Loncto
Development Director: Grace Dowling
Stage Management Chair: Kyle Largent
Company Manager: Lucy Kalar
Archivist: Jessie Baldinger
Special Events Directors: Tatiana Dalton, Sinclair Willman
Production Technical Directors: Josh Light, Izzy Porte
Technical Mentor: Matthew Cassoli
Technical Manager: Kali Skatchke
Devising Chair: Solveig Herzum
Spectronus: Alex Wolfe
Check out our Past Executive Boards!

How To Get Involved

Want to bring a show to life? Meet lots of awesome people? Have fun?

Join a Spectrum production team! Email with any questions or just to say hi. We don't bite... hard.

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Email with no subject and the following text in the body:

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