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The StuCo Dimmer Rack is an ETC Sensor SP24 Touring Rack.


  • (48) 20-Amp. dimmers
  • (16) Socapex Multicable inputs
  • 2-slot Patchbay for routing and twofer-ing Multicable inputs
  • (48) discrete 2P&G ("Stagepin") inputs, wired directly to dimmers
  • (2) 2-connector, 30-Amp., 208-Volt, L14-30 Moving Light power panels
  • Cam*lok feeder pass-thru
  • CEM+ for advanced dimmer control
  • Welded-steel frame for exceptional durability
  • Unit is wheeled for easier transport

Rental Information

  • Usage is determined by the official StuCo Equipment Schedule.
  • The rental fee until the end of the 2009-2010 school year is $150 per show (or $75 if you will only need 24 dimmers; if this is the case, you must notify Norris Technical Services at your show's 2-week pre-production meeting). Beginning with the 2010-2011 school year, use will be free for all StuCo shows, the Rainbow Alliance Drag Show, and Dance Marathon. Norris reserves the right to rent the dimmer rack to other groups when not in use by StuCo, Rainbow Alliance, or DM. Detailed information about the arrangement can be found in the Letter of Agreement signed by Norris, ASG, SAFB, and StuCo.
  • Please note: neither StuCo nor Norris owns feeder cable to connect the dimmer rack to mains power, so in order to use the dimmer rack you will need to rent feeder cable from a lighting equipment rental company. For most shows, a 5-wire set of #2 AWG Cam*lok feeder cable is appropriate.
  • When returning the dimmer rack to Norris Technical Services at the conclusion of your show, you must fill out the Dimmer Rack Return Form. It's quick and easy, and helps Norris know if the dimmer rack needs any maintenance.
  • When not in use, the dimmer rack is typically stored in the booth of The Louis Room. It is sometimes left in the booth of McCormick Auditorium.

Safety Tips

  • The dimmer rack weighs approximately 650 lbs. Exceptional caution is required when moving the rack, especially up and down sloped surfaces. Norris staff cannot assist in moving the dimmer rack, so many members of a production team may be required to transport it. Whenever the rack is being transported in a truck, it must be tied down. The rack is heavy enough that it could break the door off a U-Haul if left loose during transportation.
  • When connecting feeder cable, always first verify that mains power is off (it's easy to see on the Norris Cam*lok panels - there's a big red light on top of each of them!), and always connect the cable in the correct order: first green, then white, then red/black/blue. To disconnect, start with the red/black/blue connectors, then the white, and finally the green. This ensures that, in the rare case of an electrical fault, whenever there is a "hot" wire connected to the dimmer rack (the red/black/blue connectors), there is also a neutral (white) and a grounding wire (green) connected to dissipate current and prevent electrocution. Also, when connecting feeder cable, make sure to twist the connector a half-turn to the right (clockwise) after inserting it to lock it into the socket.