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The StuCo Executive Heads (often referred to as "StuCo Exec") are comprised of one designee from each StuCo Member Board (typically the president or equivalent position). The specific title of each Board's representative to StuCo exec varies by board. Out of this group, two members each year are selected to serve as the StuCo Co-Chairs. Also present on the StuCo Executive Board are the StuCo Equipment Manager and the StuCo Senator.



The StuCo Executive Heads meet roughly twice per month to discuss issues affecting StuCo, student theatre at Northwestern, the Northwestern theatre community at large, and other matters of general import. Meetings are (with many exceptions) held every other Tuesday. When a specific Head cannot attend, they are requested to send a replacement from their board in their stead.


StuCo's Constitution was passed on March 10, 2011.

StuCo Constitution

Current StuCo Exec Representatives

StuCo Exec Representatives 2016-2017

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StuCo Exec Representatives 2014-2015

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