StuCo Storage Closet

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Many of the common technical resources that StuCo shares are kept in a storage closet on the third floor of Norris University Center when they are not in use. Equipment kept in the StuCo closet includes:

The StuCo Storage Closet is designated the "Sit & Spin Closet" by the Norris Center, since (1) StuCo, which is not an ASG recognized organization, does not have the ability to register for space, and (2) use of the closet was obtained by StuCo equipment manager and treasurer Alec Thorne, currently a member of Sit & Spin. However, the Technical Directors of all the StuCo member boards are on the the key list for the closet, and have access to it whenever the StuCo Equipment Schedule specifies use of equipment stored there. The closet is intended for use by all of StuCo, though those wishing to access the closet must request the "Sit & Spin Closet Key" from the Norris front desk staff.